Outline of Comoros - Economy and Infrastructure of Comoros

Economy and Infrastructure of Comoros

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  • Economic rank, by nominal GDP (2007): 179th (one hundred and seventy ninth)
  • Agriculture in Comoros
  • Banking in Comoros
    • National Bank of Comoros
  • Communications in Comoros
    • Internet in Comoros
  • Companies of Comoros
  • Currency of Comoros: Franc
    • ISO 4217: KMF
  • Energy in Comoros
    • Energy policy of Comoros
    • Oil industry in Comoros
  • Health care in Comoros
  • Mining in Comoros
  • Comoros Stock Exchange
  • Tourism in Comoros
  • Transport in Comoros
    • Airports in Comoros
    • Rail transport in Comoros
    • Roads in Comoros

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