• (noun): A set of clothing (with accessories).
    Synonyms: getup, rig, turnout
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Sam Giancana - Death
... Trafficante would have needed permission from Outfit bosses Tony Accardo and Joseph Aiuppa to kill Giancana ... any of his offshore gambling profits with the Outfit ... was reportedly scheming to become Outfit boss again ...
Company A-1
... Company A-1 is the oldest outfit in the Texas A M Corps of Cadets, having been the original Outfit formed for all 20 of A M's first cadets in 1876 ... and the Finest of the First." This slogan has become an unofficial outfit motto for A-1 in recent years, along with "For The Good Times." ...
Sam Giancana - Rise To Power
... he was away "at college"), Giancana made a name for himself by convincing Accardo, then the Outfit's enforcement chief, to stage a take-over of Chicago's African-American "pol ... However, Roe had refused to surrender control of his operation as the Outfit had demanded ... him." Though the South Side "policy"-game takeover by the Outfit was not complete until another Outfit member, Jackie "the Lackey" Cerone, scared "Big Jim" Martin to Mexico with two bullets to the ...
Michael J. Corbitt - Quotes
... “In the Outfit, when you screwed up, you got planted ... you can bet you’ve got a problem." "In 1981 the Chicago Outfit was out of control ... and the police departments were starting to look more like Outfit crews than crime fighters ...
Mystery Date (game) - Gameplay
... three matching color-coded cards to assemble an outfit ... The outfit must then match the outfit of the date at the "mystery door" ... If the player's outfit does not match the date behind the door, the door is closed and play continues ...

More definitions of "outfit":

  • (noun): Gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose.
    Synonyms: kit
  • (verb): Provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose.
    Synonyms: equip, fit, fit out
  • (noun): Any cohesive unit such as a military company.

Famous quotes containing the word outfit:

    Nothing in medieval dress distinguished the child from the adult. In the seventeenth century, however, the child, or at least the child of quality, whether noble or middle-class, ceased to be dressed like the grown-up. This is the essential point: henceforth he had an outfit reserved for his age group, which set him apart from the adults. These can be seen from the first glance at any of the numerous child portraits painted at the beginning of the seventeenth century.
    Philippe Ariés (20th century)