Outer Product

In linear algebra, the outer product typically refers to the tensor product of two vectors. The result of applying the outer product to a pair of vectors is a matrix. The name contrasts with the inner product, which takes as input a pair of vectors and produces a scalar.

The outer product of vectors can be also regarded as a special case of the Kronecker product of matrices.

Some authors use the expression "outer product of tensors" as a synonym of "tensor product". The outer product is also a higher-order function in some computer programming languages such as APL and Mathematica.

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... A convenient way to define linear operators on H is given by the outer product if is a bra and is a ket, the outer product denotes the rank-one operator that ... For a finite-dimensional vector space, the outer product can be understood as simple matrix multiplication The outer product is an N×N matrix, as expected for a ... One of the uses of the outer product is to construct projection operators ...
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