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Bacterial Cell Structure - The Bacterial Cytoplasmic Membrane
... The bacterial cytoplasmic membrane is composed of a phospholipid bilayer and thus has all of the general functions of a cell membrane such as acting as a permeability barrier for most ... In addition to these functions, prokaryotic membranes also function in energy conservation as the location about which a proton motive force is generated ... Unlike eukaryotes, bacterial membranes (with some exceptions e.g ...
Moraxella Catarrhalis - Clinical Significance - Antibiotic Resistance
... macromolecule makes it similar to Neisseria gonorrhoeae outer membrane protein macromolecular complex, which implies that UspA may be a single polypeptide chain ... Maciver also notes that along with outer membrane proteins that are consistent among different strains of M ... there may also be a sort of subclass-specific IgG antibody response to certain outer membrane proteins ...
Sorting And Assembly Machinery
... The outer mitochondrial membrane is made up of two essential proteins, Tom40 and Sam50 ... for the import of precursor proteins across the outer mitochondrial membrane and it makes up part of the translocase of the outer membrane ... subunit of the sorting and assembly machinery (SAM) of the outer membrane ...
... Maltoporins (or LamB porins) are a family of outer membrane proteins ... which facilitates the diffusion of maltodextrins across the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria ... The membrane channel is formed by an antiparallel beta-barrel ...

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    The Dada object reflected an ironic posture before the consecrated forms of art. The surrealist object differs significantly in this respect. It stands for a mysterious relationship with the outer world established by man’s sensibility in a way that involves concrete forms in projecting the artist’s inner model.
    —J.H. Matthews. “Object Lessons,” The Imagery of Surrealism, Syracuse University Press (1977)