Original Jurisdiction

The original jurisdiction of a court is the power to hear a case for the first time, as opposed to appellate jurisdiction, when a court has the power to review a lower court's decision.

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Law Of Bangladesh - The Judiciary of Bangladesh - The High Court Division
... Court, is for all practical purposes, an independent court with its powers, functions and jurisdictions well defined and determined under the Constitution and different laws ... It has both appellate as well as original jurisdiction ... It has original jurisdiction to hear Writ Applications under article 102 of the Constitution, which is known as extra ordinary constitutional jurisdiction ...
Federal Court Of Australia - Original Jurisdiction
... The Federal Court has no inherent jurisdiction ... Its jurisdiction flows from statute ... The Court's original jurisdiction include matters arising from Commonwealth legislation such as, for example, matters relating to taxation, trade practices, native title, intellectual ...
Original Jurisdiction - United States
... In the United States, courts having original jurisdiction are referred to as trial courts ... Supreme Court has original jurisdiction concurrently with lower courts ... The original jurisdiction of the U.S ...
Judiciary Of India - High Courts of India
... These courts have jurisdiction over a state, a union territory or a group of states and union territories ... The High Courts are the principal civil courts of original jurisdiction in the state along with District Courts which are subordinate to the High courts ... However, High courts exercise their original civil and criminal jurisdiction only if the courts subordinate to the High court in the state are not competent (not authorized by law) to try such matters ...
Court Of Appeal For Saskatchewan - Court Structure and Jurisdiction - Original Jurisdiction
... The Court has a limited original jurisdiction, giving it the discretion to grant relief by way of a prerogative writ ... Court has held that since it is primarily a court of appeal, it will only entertain original applications for prerogative relief in extraordinary circumstances ... It also has any original jurisdiction that is necessary or incidental to the hearing and determination of an appeal ...

Famous quotes containing the words jurisdiction and/or original:

    The putting into force of laws which shall secure the conservation of our resources, as far as they may be within the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, including the more important work of saving and restoring our forests and the great improvement of waterways, are all proper government functions which must involve large expenditure if properly performed.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    The Jew is neither a newcomer nor an alien in this country or on this continent; his Americanism is as original and ancient as that of any race or people with the exception of the American Indian and other aborigines. He came in the caravels of Columbus, and he knocked at the gates of New Amsterdam only thirty-five years after the Pilgrim Fathers stepped ashore on Plymouth Rock.
    Oscar Solomon Straus (1850–1926)