Orientation may refer to:

  • Orientation (mental), a function of the mind
  • Orientation (film), a 1996 short film produced by the Church of Scientology
  • Orientation of churches is the architectural feature of facing ("orienting"), churches towards the east (Latin: oriens)
  • Orientation (housing), the position of a building with respect to the sun, a concept in building design
  • Student orientation, the first week of a university year in several countries
  • Coin orientation and Medallic orientation, a description of the orientation of opposite faces of a coin with respect to one another
  • Sexual orientation, the direction of an individual's sexuality with respect to the sex of the persons the individual finds sexually attractive
  • Map orientation, the relationship between directions on a map and compass directions
  • Orientation (EP), a 2001 album by Sonata Arctica
  • Page orientation, the way in which a rectangular page is oriented for normal viewing
  • In Animal navigation, turning the body to a desired heading, e.g. in the correct direction of migration
  • Orientation (sign language), the orientation of the hands when signing

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Orientation - Mathematics
... Orientation (computer vision), an image processing concept related to one-dimensional characterization of a local image Orientation (geometry), placement of an object in a rotational coordinate ...
Sexual Orientation Change Efforts - Voluntary SOCE
... Few would dispute that some people’s sexual orientation changes during their lifetime ... as a heterosexual before recognizing or developing their homosexual orientation ... The question at issue is not whether sexual orientation can change but whether interventions can be designed to bring about such change ...
LGBT Rights In Michigan - Discrimination Protections
... Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is prohibited in government employment, but there are no other state-wide protections ... Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation only is also banned in Flint and Grand Ledge ... a new loan program if they discriminate based on sexual orientation ...
Sexual Orientation Change Efforts - Effects of SOCE
... Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation to review the available research ... in the following findings Recent studies of participants in Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) identify a population of individuals who experience serious distress ... to help them to change their sexual orientation ...
Spiritual Naturalism - Orientation
... Spiritual Naturalism is chiefly concerned with finding ways to access traditional spiritual feelings without the inclusion of supernatural elements incompatible with science and a broad naturalism ... Adherents believe that Nature, in all its diversity and wonder, is sufficient unto itself in terms of eliciting the intellectual and emotional responses associated with spiritual experience, and that there is no need for faith in the traditional anthropomorphic concept of 'god' and similar ideas ...

Famous quotes containing the word orientation:

    Every orientation presupposes a disorientation.
    Hans Magnus Enzensberger (b. 1929)

    Institutions of higher education in the United States are products of Western society in which masculine values like an orientation toward achievement and objectivity are valued over cooperation, connectedness and subjectivity.
    Yolanda Moses (b. 1946)