• (adj): Having a systematic arrangement; especially having elements succeeding in order according to rule.
    Example: "An ordered sequence"
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Ordered Ring
... In abstract algebra, an ordered ring is a commutative ring with a total order ≤ such that for all a, b, and c in R if a ≤ b then a + c ≤ b + c ... Ordered rings are familiar from arithmetic ... (The rationals and reals in fact form ordered fields.) The complex numbers do not form an ordered ring (or ordered field) ...
USAir Flight 405 - Aftermath - NTSB Recommendations
... They also ordered "airlines to establish a way to inform fight crews of the type of fluid and mixture used, the current moisture accumulation rate, and the available holdover time ... They also ordered a study on the “feasibility of building a frangible ILS antenna array for LaGuardia Airport” Further, they ordered a review of Fokker F28-4000 passenger safety briefing cards "to ...
HMAS Bombard (P 99) - Design and Construction
... The Attack class was ordered in 1964 to operate in Australian waters as patrol boats (based on lessons learned through using the Ton class minesweepers on patrols of Borneo during the Indonesia-Malaysia ... Initially, nine were ordered for the RAN, with another five for Papua New Guinea's Australian-run coastal security force, although another six ships were ordered to bring the class to ...
Battle Of Jena-Auerstedt - Battle of Auerstedt
... Davout became aware of the Prussian force, he ordered Gudin to deploy his force at Hassenhausen ... with Brunswick, who ordered his infantry to the left flank and his cavalry to the right ... Seeing no other option available he ordered his cavalry to attack ...
Archimedean Property
... Archimedes of Syracuse, is a property held by some ordered or normed groups, fields, and other algebraic structures ... role in modern mathematics such as David Hilbert's axioms for geometry, and the theories of ordered groups, ordered fields, and local fields ... For example, a linearly ordered group that is Archimedean is an Archimedean group ...

More definitions of "ordered":

  • (adj): Marked by system or regularity or discipline.
    Example: "A quiet ordered house"
    Synonyms: orderly, regulated
  • (adj): Disposed or placed in a particular kind of order.
    Synonyms: arranged
  • (adj): Marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts.
    Synonyms: consistent, logical, orderly

Famous quotes containing the word ordered:

    I am aware that I have been on many a man’s premises, and might have been legally ordered off, but I am not aware that I have been in many men’s houses.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    But one sound always rose above the clamor of busy life and, no matter how much of a tintinnabulation, was never confused and, for a moment lifted everything into an ordered sphere: that of the bells.
    Johan Huizinga (1872–1945)

    The peace conference must not adjourn without the establishment of some ordered system of international government, backed by power enough to give authority to its decrees. ... Unless a league something like this results at our peace conference, we shall merely drop back into armed hostility and international anarchy. The war will have been fought in vain ...
    Virginia Crocheron Gildersleeve (1877–1965)