Order of Battle At The Battle of Lowestoft - British Fleet

British Fleet

White Squadron of Prince Rupert
Ship Guns Commander Notes
Colchester 28 Captain Daniel Helling
Triumph 70 Vice-Admiral Christopher Myngs
Monck 54 Captain Thomas Penrose
Newcastle 48 Captain Thomas Page
Lion 52 Captain Edward Spragge
Ruby 46 Captain William Jennens
Expedition 30 Captain Tobias Sackler
John and Abigail 40 Captain Joseph Sanders
Happy Return 40 Captain John Hubbard
Katherine 36 Captain Thomas Elliot
John and Katherine 36 Captain John Whately
Reserve 46 Captain John Tyrwhit
Rainbow 56 Captain Willoughby Hannam
Exchange 36 Captain Samuel Wentworth Hired merchantman
Revenge 58 Captain Robert Holmes
Royal James 78 Admiral Prince Rupert
Flag-captain John Kempthorne
Garland 28 Captain Charles Talbot
Hound 8 Captain James Coleman Fireship
Dolphin 4 Captain William Gregory Fireship
Assurance 32 Captain John Jeffries
Mary Rose 48 Captain William Reeves
Henrietta 58 Captain Walter Wood
Bendish 42 Captain Robert Taylor
Portland 46 Captain John Aylett
East India Merchant 44 Captain John Wilgresse
St. Andrew 60 Captain Valentine Pine
Advice 40 Captain William Poole
Bear 42 Captain John Waterworth
Constant Katherine 40 Captain Francis Sanders
Kent 46 Captain Thomas Ewens
Anne 58 Captain Arnold Brown
Resolution 58 Rear-Admiral Robert Sansum Sansum killed in the battle
Milford 28 Captain John Seale
Small craft
Hind 8 Captain John Withers Ketch
Sea Venture
Little Sampson
William & Mary
Red Squadron of the Duke of York
Bristol 48 Captain John Hart
Gloucester 58 Captain Robert Clark
Royal Exchange 46 Captain Giles Shelley
Diamond 46 Captain John King
Martin Galley 14 Captain Richard White
Royal Oak 76 Vice-Admiral Sir John Lawson Lawson died of his wounds after the battle
Norwich 24 Captain John Wetwang
Guinea 36 Captain John Abelson Abelson killed in the battle
St. George 60 Captain Joseph Jordan
Coast Frigate 34 Captain Thomas Lawson
Dover 46 Captain Jeffery Pearse
King Ferdinando 36 Captain Francis Johnson
Plymouth 56 Captain Thomas Allin
Fountain 30 Captain Jean Baptiste du Tiel
Blackamore 38 Captain Richard Neales
Mary 58 Captain Jeremiah Smith
Happy Return 50 Captain James Lambert
Royal Charles 78 James, Duke of York
Sir William Penn
Flag-captain John Harman
Mermaid 28 Captain Jasper Grant
Fame 12 Captain John Gethings Fireship
Bramble 8 Captain Nepthali Ball Fireship
Antelope 46 Captain John Chicheley
Old James 68 Captain James Ley, 3rd Earl of Marlborough Marlborough killed in the battle
Loyal George 42 Captain John Earle
Yarmouth 52 Captain Thomas Ayliffe
Vanguard 56 Captain Jonas Poole
Convertine 48 Captain John Pearce
Charity 46 Captain Robert Wilkinson
Eagle 44 Captain Thomas Hendra
Amity 36 Captain John Parker
Satisfaction 46 Captain Richard May
Fairfax 58 Captain Robert Salmon
Swiftsure 60 Rear-Admiral Sir William Berkeley
Bonaventure 40 Captain Arthur Laughorne
Portsmouth 38 Captain Robert Mohun
George 40 Captain Robert Hatubb
Leopard 54 Captain Richard Beach
Sapphire 38 Captain Henry Hyde
Loyal Merchant 44 Captain Robert Sanders
Small craft
Roe 8 Captain James Lock Ketch
Eaglet 8 Captain William Berry Ketch
St. George
Hopeful Margaret
Edward & Eve
Blue Squadron of the Earl of Sandwich
Forester 28 Captain Edward Cotterell
Royal Katherine 70 Rear-Admiral Thomas Teddeman
Essex 52 Captain Richard Utber
Marmaduke 38 Captain John Best
Princess 52 Captain George Swanley
Golden Phoenix 36 Captain Samuel Dickinson
Adventure 36 Captain Benjamin Young
Society 36 Captain Ralph Lascelles
Dreadnought 58 Captain Henry Terne
Prudent Mary 36 Captain Thomas Haward
Dragon 38 Captain John Lloyd
Centurion 46 Captain Robert Moulton, Jr.
Montagu 58 Captain Henry Fenne
Oxford 24 Captain Philip Bacon
Prince Royal 86 Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich
Flag-captain Roger Cuttance
Pembroke 28 Captain Thomas Darcy
Bryar 12 Captain Richard Cotton Fireship
Dunkirk 54 Captain John Hayward
Breda 46 Captain Robert Kirby Kirby killed in the battle
John & Thomas 44 Captain Henry Dawes
Swallow 46 Captain Richard Hodges
Madras 42 Captain John Norbrook
Jersey 48 Captain Hugh Hide
Hamburg Merchant 36 Captain James Cadman
Hampshire 40 Captain George Batts
Castle frigate 36 Captain Philip Euatt
Assistance 40 Captain Zachary Brown
Unicorn 56 Captain Henry Teddiman
Providence 30 Captain Richard James
York 58 Captain John Swanley
Henry 70 Vice-Admiral Sir George Ayscue
Guernsey 28 Captain Humphrey Connisby
Small craft
Nonsuch 8 Captain Robert Crossman Ketch
Thomas & Rebecca
John Smack
John Hoy
Two Sisters

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