• (adj): Relating to or composed for an orchestra.
    Example: "Orchestral score"

Some articles on orchestral:

San Francisco Academy Orchestra - Artist Diploma in Orchestral Studies
... offer an education that focuses specifically on the practical skills necessary to prepare for orchestral auditions ... result in the Academy Orchestra Artist Diploma in Orchestral Studies and potentially the Academy Prize in recognition of one musician who demonstrates ...
Music Of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Other Orchestral Works - Orchestral Suites and Serenade
... Tchaikovsky wrote four orchestral suites in the period between his Fourth and Fifth Symphonies ... solved a number of challenges in orchestral tonality, thematic development and form ... Orchestral Suite No ...
List Of Compositions By Richard Wagner - List
125 (1830–1831) 10 orchestral Overture in B-flat major ("Paukenschlag-Ouvertüre") (1830 lost) 11 orchestral Politische Ouvertüre (1830? lost) 12 orchestral Overture to Schiller's Die Braut von ... (1831–1832) 19B Double Fugue (1831–1832) 20 orchestral Concert Overture No ... Polonaise for piano (1831–1832) 23B piano Polonaise for piano, four hands (1832) 24 orchestral Overture in E minor and Theater Music to Raupach's "Kön ...