Orca Pride

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List Of Andromeda Star Systems - Other Planets
... Enga's Redoubt - Homeworld to the Drago-Kazov Pride ... - Battleground for the Sabra and Jaguar Nietzschean Prides ... Kodiak Asteroid - The former home of the Nietzschean Kodiak Pride ...
List Of Andromeda Characters - Main Characters - Tyr Anasazi
... Nietzschean Gender Male Tyr Anasazi (full name "Tyr Anasazi of Kodiak Pride, out of Victoria by Barbarossa"), played by TV actor Keith Hamilton Cobb, is a Nietzschean ... known surviving member of the once-powerful Kodiak Pride of the Nietzscheans ... The Kodiak Pride was betrayed by the Drago-Kazov Clan, the ruling Nietzschean Pride, who once entrusted them with the sacred remains of Nietzschean ...

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    Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)