Orangi Town

Orangi Town (Urdu: اُورنگی ٹاؤن‎) is a town in the northwestern part of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is bordered by New Karachi Town to the north across the Shahrah-e-Zahid Hussain, Gulberg Town to the east across the Gujjar Nala stream, Liaquatabad Town to the south, and SITE Town to the west. The township is currently claimed by India to be the largest slum in South Asia, after surpassing the size of Dharavi in Mumbai, India. Orangi is approximately 22 square miles (57 km2) in area,making Orangi far less dense. Dharavi is less than one square mile. So Orangi town is not a slum in a real sense. With 22 square miles of space, it is significantly less dense than most urban slums and also more structured. There are 13 official neighborhoods, each with its own council, which has allowed the township to build its own sewer system. Additionally, as only of 18 districts of Karachi, Orangi has government representation, albeit in the lowest tier of the government. It is a lower class settlement with basic amenities of life available to most of the people. Only some part of orangi town can be characterized as a slum., . Further, Orangi comprises several new developed middle class areas and housing-societies which are still considered slums for statistical purposes because they lack the basic facilities that are provided to most homes.

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