Opus Numbers

Some articles on opus numbers, opus:

Benedictus Buns - Music
... Buns published nine opus numbers (I-IX) between 1666 and 1721 ... Books were published by Petrus Phalesius, Antwerp, opus I–III by Lucas de Potter, Antwerp, opus IV and V by Arnold van Eynden, Utrecht opus VI by Hendrik Aertssens, Antwerp, opus VII and ... The two editions of Gregorian chant and his opus I-VII and IX contains a large amount of liturgical music ...
Franciszek Zachara - Zachara's Music and Publications
... Zachara had used his own opus numbering system earlier in his career, extending at least to his piano sonatas (opus numbers 80 and 81) but this system seems to have been abandoned by the early 1950s ... The list of works below reflects original opus numbers assigned by Zachara ... composed at least three piano sonatas, but only partial scores exist for these works (opus numbers 75, 80, and 81) ...

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