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Optimus Prime - Shattered Glass - Toys
... Timelines Voyager Optimus Prime (2008) This figure is a redeco of the Voyager class Classic Optimus Prime figure, done in purple and black with painted-in "battle damage" ... The figure has purple Autobot logos and the phrase "Till all are gone." on the side of the vehicle mode ... This figure has inspired a number of add-on accessories made by third party toy companies, including a purple trailer and sword ...
Optimus Prime - Live-action Films - Toys
... Transformers Deluxe Class Preview Protoform Optimus Prime (2007) A Deluxe class toy of Prime in his Protoform stage ... One of the first released movie figures, Prime's Entry Mode resembles a huge metallic asteroid ... With this figure standing 5.5 inches tall and Optimus being 28 feet (336 inches) tall, the toy is about 1/61 scale ...

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