• (adj): In opposition to (a policy or attitude etc.).
    Synonyms: opposing
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List Of National Parks Of The Republic Of China - Additional National Parks
... to opposition 馬告檜木國家公園 ("Magao National Park for Chamaecyparis formosensis", opposed by local indigenous peoples) 能丹國家公園("Neng-Dan National Park ...
Movement For Colonial Freedom - History
... in Africa, for peace in Vietnam, supported Fidel Castro in the Cuban revolution and opposed the seizure of power by the Ba’ath regime in Iraq and the associated reign of terror against its ... The organisation opposed Enoch Powell’s "rivers of blood speech" in 1968 and also campaigned against neo-colonialism after independence, and opposed ...
Spanish Enlightenment Literature - The Spanish Language in The 18th Century
... To the first were opposed those who defended the priority of the classic languages (Latin and Greek) as opposed to the modern ones, and to the second were opposed those who rejected the translations because they ...
Thomas C. Taylor - Political Views
... He is opposed to abortion and planned parenthood programs, receiving a rating of 0% from the Planned Parenthood of New Mexico Positions on Reproductive Rights (an interest group) ... Furthermore, he is opposed to gun control, which is shown by the favorable ratings he has received from the NRA ... " As such, he was opposed to the Health Insurance Exchange bill that set a goal for 2014 that would set up and create state health insurance exchanges ...
Lower Prespa Dialect - Typical Words
... comparison to Standard Macedonian) "Oti lafiš taka?" as opposed to "Zošto zboruvaš taka?" (Why are you talking like that for?) "Šo ke stori ama toj ke znaj?" as opposed to "Što ḱe slučuva ako znae ...

More definitions of "opposed":

  • (adj): Being in opposition or having an opponent.
    Example: "Two bitterly opposed schools of thought"

Famous quotes containing the word opposed:

    As a Christian, as an individual, as a doctor, I am absolutely opposed to the death penalty.
    Joycelyn Elders (b. 1933)

    I should say that he was an old-fashioned man in his respect for the Constitution, and his faith in the permanence of this Union. Slavery he deemed to be wholly opposed to these, and he was its determined foe.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    If our entertainment culture seems debased and unsatisfying, the hope is that our children will create something of greater worth. But it is as if we expect them to create out of nothing, like God, for the encouragement of creativity is in the popular mind, opposed to instruction. There is little sense that creativity must grow out of tradition, even when it is critical of that tradition, and children are scarcely being given the materials on which their creativity could work
    C. John Sommerville (20th century)