Opportunity School

An opportunity school is an alternative to regular schools. Students who may be applicable to attend opportunity schools are students who have unique situations that may hinder their abilities in an average schooling environment. This may include: students who cannot work well in large groups such as an average classroom, students who have difficulty paying attention to their teachers and/or their school work, students who have been suspended or expelled from their home school and need to make up their credits, pregnant students, students with physical or mental health problems, students who don't feel comfortable among certain teachers or classmates, students who cannot afford the cost of attending a regular school, and other unique situations.

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Opportunity School - Misconception
... A common misconception is that opportunity schools are only available for "troubled youths" ... While this may be true in some cases, an opportunity school is not made for the sole purpose of being a holding place for "troubled youths" ... An opportunity school is an available option for students with various unique situations who may otherwise fail to succeed in a regular school environment ...

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