Opening Bid

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Glossary Of Contract Bridge Terms - F
... False preference A return to partner's first-bid suit despite a longer holding in the second suit ... to give partner an opportunity for another bid ... Fast arrival A style of bidding under which the fewer bids used to reach a contract (usually said of game contracts), the weaker the bidder's hand ...
Glossary Of Contract Bridge Terms - R
... Raise A bid of partner's suit at a higher level ... A higher-ranked suit may be bid at the same level as a lower-ranked suit the reverse is not true ... Rebid 1) Second and subsequent bids by the same player ...
Five-card Majors - To Play 5-card Majors
... Both partners must agree to follow the 5-card major bidding treatment on their opening bid ... With only four cards in a major suit, the opening bidder is expected to open one in the best minor suit (which may show as few as two cards in the minor suit bid) ... After the opening bid, the 5-card limitation is no longer in effect and any other bid typically promises only four cards as before ...
Säffle Spade
... Opening bids PASS and 1♣ While the "opening bid" PASS is forcing one round, it does not promise a very strong hand ... any major-suit fit, if appropriate, he can quickly pre-empt with a minor-suit bid ... Opening bid 1♦ is used on all weak hands, 0-7hcp ...

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