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Copper Mining In The United States - Utah
... by Kennecott Utah Copper (a division of Rio Tinto Group), is a large open pit in a porphyry copper deposit ... The Bingham Canyon Mine and the Chuquicamata copper mine in Chile each claim to be the largest open-pit mine in the world.) It continues to be a major source not only of copper ... Mining occurs solely in one mid-sized open pit named the Centennial pit, and the primary ores are Malachite, Azurite, and Chalcocite ...
Butte, Montana - History - The Open-pit Era
... have occurred the Anaconda's decision to begin open-pit mining in the mid-1950s a series of fires in Butte's business district in the 1970s a debate ... and surrounding areas, McQueen and East Butte, to excavate the Berkeley Pit, which opened in 1955 by Anaconda Copper ... At the time, it was the largest truck-operated open pit copper mine in the United States ...
Bingham Canyon Mine - History
... the copper industry, and set the pattern for the large open-pit porphyry copper mines that today dominate the copper industry worldwide ... For years, the largest open-pit mine in the world, it is still among the world's largest open-pit mines ...
Telfer Mine - History - Second Mining Period From 2002
... The redevelopment expanded underground mining areas, deepened open pits, constructed a processing plant and power station, and built a new gas supply ... The focus changed from open pit mining to underground mining, and Telfer became one of Australia's largest gold mines, second only to Kalgoorlie's Super Pit ... reopened in November 2004, after commissioning of the processing plant and, initially as an open cut mine, from March 2006 also with an underground operation ...
Hull–Rust–Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine
... Mine in Hibbing, Minnesota, United States, is one of the largest open pit iron mines in the world, with a 1.5 by 3.5 mile footprint and depths up to 600 feet ... was as an underground mine, but open pit mining soon proved to be a better choice because of the shallow nature of the ore deposits ... The many smaller open pit mines developed in the area soon merged into one large mine ...

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