On The Rocks (album)

On The Rocks (album)

On the Rocks
Studio album by David Byron
Released 1981
Recorded 1981
Genre rock
Length 36:30 (LP Release)
50:04 (1993 CD Reissue)
Producer Robin George
David Byron chronology
Baby Faced Killer
On the Rocks
Lost And Found

On the Rocks is an album by the Byron Band, taking its name from their singer, British rock vocalist David Byron.

Despite featuring Byron and lauded guitarist Robin George the album didn't achieve commercial success.

The original UK vinyl release, on Creole Records, came with a poster of the sleeve's artwork.

Currently, it has become available on CD on the German specialist label Repertoire (Repertoire REP 431), with bonus tracks as detailed below. For completists, this release has had a cream inlay tray.

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