On Guns and Hunting - Contents


  • Inside on the Rail, 7 (Outdoor Life, Jan 1955)
  • The World Was Full of Quail, 15 (Outdoor Life, May 1954)
  • The Geese of Still Pond, 23
  • What's the Big Mystery?, 31 (Outdoor Life, Jun 1955)
  • Watch My Smoke, 40 (Outdoor Life, Jul 1956)
  • Arctic Hunt, 50 (American Swedish Monthly, 1961)
  • The Great Swedish Älg, 65 (American Swedish Monthly, 1961)
  • The Mile Gun, 74 (Sports Afield, Sep 1958, short story)
  • Cottontail Carnival, 91 (Gun World, 1969)
  • Afghan, Farewell, 100
  • Just Want a Deer?, 104 (Outdoor Life, Jun 1961)
  • Pronghorns in the Pasture, 113 (Outdoor Life, Feb 1966)
  • Family Hunt, 121
  • Block That Kick!, 132 (Gun Digest 22nd Edition, 1968)
  • Caliber Catastrophe, 144 (Gun World, Jun 1967)
  • Test Patterns Are Necessary!, 154 (Guns Magazine, 1968)
  • First-Year Retriever Man, 163 (True's Hunting Yearbook No. 20, 1969, as How to put the fetch in Fido)
  • Who's Minding the Store?, 176
  • King of the Canadian Canyon, 186
  • Excuse me, I Love Guns, 196

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