Omega Key

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Arcee - Transformers: Prime - Animated Series - Season 2
... In the episode "Alpha Omega", Arcee learns from Optimus about the final four Iacon relics, the Omega Keys, which together have the power to revive Cybertron ... Arcee is sent to find the first Omega Key, and Smokescreen accompanies her ... They find the key, but they discover Megatron, with the arm of a Prime and his new weapon, the Dark Star Saber ...
Smokescreen (Transformers) - Transformers: Prime - Animated Series
... In "Alpha Omega," Smokescreen went with Arcee to Egypt to find the first of the Omega Keys ... In "Hard Knocks", Smokescreen and Bulkhead go to find another Omega Key ... He unearths the key, but is attacked from behind by Starscream, who takes the key ...
Vector Sigma - Transformers: Prime - War For Cybertron
... video game Transformers War for Cybertron, the Omega Key also resembles the key to Vector Sigma ... to succeed, Megatron launches a full-scale assault on Iacon, looking for an item called the Omega Key ... The Decepticons learn that Zeta Prime has placed the key under his personal guard ...

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