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Recent Events

Following the division of 2009, the majority that remained with the Old German Baptist Brethren (often referred to as the "Old Conference") decided at their 2010 Annual Conference to continue the ban on email and the internet. They agreed to allow very limited use for member businesses already online, with the understanding that they discontinue use within three years. An increasing adherence to traditional patterns of dress has become more evident among the members. A trickle of members moving to the more traditional horse and buggy groups (primarily Old Brethren German Baptist) may also have slowed. Increasing conservatism in the OGBB has also had a bearing on the decision of a majority of the former members of the Phillip Hess faction of the German Baptist Brethren to join the Old Conference of the OGBB after the dissolution of that group in September–October 2010. The increasing conservatism since the 2009 division was not sufficient for the majority of the Gene Wagoner faction of the German Baptist Brethren to move to the Old German Baptist Brethren upon the dissolution of that group in spring of 2012, although several of them reunited with the parent body (OGBBC) prior to the 2012 Annual Conference). Several of the former members of that faction have joined the small migration of former Old German Baptist Brethren moving to Trenton, MO and have united with them in the more traditional horse and buggy Old Brethren German Baptist group.

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