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Central Bank Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran - Key Statistics - Foreign Reserves - Oil Revenues
... See also Iran's oil and gas revenues and Supreme Audit Court of Iran Oil revenues Foreign currency proceeds from crude sales are managed by the Central Bank ... the difference between President Ahmadinejad administration's revenues and the amount deposited with the Central Bank of Iran exceeds $66 billion. 35 billion in imported goods (2005–2009), $25 billion in oil revenues (2005–2008), $2.6 billion in non-oil export revenues, $3 billion in foreign exchange ...
Al-Kadafi - Economic Policies
... When the rising international oil prices began to raise Gaddafi's revenues in the 1970s, Gaddafi spent much of the revenues on arms purchases and on sponsoring his political projects abroad ... It benefited greatly from revenues from the petroleum sector, which contributed most export earnings and 30% of its GDP ... These oil revenues, combined with a small population and by far Africa's highest Education Index gave Libya the highest nominal GDP per capita in Africa ...
Gabon - Economy
... Gabon's economy is dominated by oil ... Oil revenues comprise roughly 46% of the government's budget, 43% of gross domestic product (GDP), and 81% of exports ... Oil production is now declining rapidly from its high point of 370,000 barrels per day in 1997 ...

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