Ohio Women's Hall of Fame - Inductees


Ohio Women's Hall of Fame
Name Image Birth–Death County Year Area of achievement
Allen, FlorenceFlorence Allen (1884–1966) Cuyahoga 1978 American judge. Allen was the first woman to serve on a state Supreme Court and one of the first two women to serve as a federal judge.
Black, Helen ChatfieldHelen Chatfield Black Hamilton 1978 Co-founded the Cincinnati Nature Center and Little Miami, Inc. Black was president of the Ohio chapter of The Nature Conservancy and board member of the Ohio Environmental Council.
Bolton, FrancesFrances Bolton (1885–1977) Cuyahoga 1978 Politician from Ohio who served in the United States House of Representatives. Bolton was the first woman elected to Congress from Ohio.
Boyer, ElizabethElizabeth Boyer (1913–2002) Geauga 1978 American lawyer, feminist and writer. In 1968, Boyer founded the Women's Equity Action League (WEAL) as a moderate feminist movement for professional women.
Bracken, HarrietHarriet Bracken Franklin 1978 First woman vice president of the Huntington National Bank of Columbus
Cooper, Martha KinneyMartha Kinney Cooper Hamilton 1978 First Lady of Ohio from 1929 to 1931 as the wife of Governor Myers Y. Cooper
Donahey, GertrudeGertrude Donahey (1908–2004) Franklin 1978 American politician of the Democratic party who served as Ohio State Treasurer from 1971 to 1983
Hunter, Jane EdnaJane Edna Hunter (1881–1971) Cuyahoga 1978 African-American social worker who established the Working Girls Association in Cleveland, Ohio in 1911, which later became the Phillis Wheatley Association of Cleveland.
Kline, ConsolataConsolata Kline Mahoning 1978 Executive director of St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center
Kunkle, VirginiaVirginia Kunkle (1915–2005) Franklin 1978 First woman to become assistant superintendent of public instruction in Ohio
Mahoney, MargaretMargaret Mahoney Cuyahoga 1978 Member of the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate. Mahoney was both Senate President Pro Tem and Majority Leader as well as Chief of the Ohio Division of Securities.
McClelland, Helen GraceHelen Grace McClelland Columbiana 1978 Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for her service as a member of the Army Nurse Corps during World War I
Merritt, AgnesAgnes Merritt Franklin 1978 Former state president of the American Legion Auxiliary and advocate for women
Papier, RoseRose Papier Franklin 1978 Pioneer gerontologist and Ohio's first Director of the Ohio Administration on Aging
Randolph, LottieLottie Randolph Perry 1978 Farmer and homemaker. Randolph was assistant director of Farm Labor at OSU.
Stewart, Ella P.Ella P. Stewart (1893–) Lucas 1978 One of the first African-American female pharmacists in the United States.
Valiquette, MarigeneMarigene Valiquette (1924–) Lucas 1978 Former member of the Ohio General Assembly
Walker, Ann B.Ann B. Walker Franklin 1978 First woman broadcaster to report on the Ohio legislature
Walsh, StellaStella Walsh (1911–1980) Cuyahoga 1978 Polish athlete who became a women's Olympic champion
Wells, MarionMarion Wells Licking 1978 Promoter of better treatment and education for disabled citizens
Akeley, Mary JobeMary Jobe Akeley (1886–1966) Harrison 1979 Explorer and naturalist. Akeley was one of the earliest women explorers in Africa where she and her husband Carl E. Akeley hunted and photographed animals during their natural history studies.
Bickerdyke, Mary AnnMary Ann Bickerdyke (1817–1901) Knox 1979 Hospital administrator for Union soldiers during the American Civil War
Cleveland, BeatriceBeatrice Cleveland Franklin 1979 Associate State Leader for 4-H in the Extension Service, College of Agriculture, The Ohio State University
Earley, Charity EdnaCharity Edna Earley Montgomery 1979 First black commissioned officer in the Women's Army Corps
Jammal, EleanorEleanor Jammal Ashtabula 1979 Businesswoman, member of Zonta International and numerous boards
Kochan, BerniceBernice Kochan Cuyahoga 1979 Artist and designer of postage stamps
Leedy, EmilyEmily Leedy Franklin 1979 Chair of the Women's Advisory Council of the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services
Lyons, RuthRuth Lyons (1905–1988) Hamilton 1979 Pioneer radio and television broadcaster in Cincinnati
Mock, JerrieJerrie Mock (1925–) Franklin 1979 First woman to fly solo around the world.
Phaler, EmmaEmma Phaler Franklin 1979 Bowler and contributor to the Women"s International Bowling Congress
Redinger, RachelRachel Redinger Tuscarawas 1979 Founder of the Ohio Outdoor Historical Drama Association and vice chair of the Ohio Arts Council
Sterne, BobbieBobbie Sterne Hamilton 1979 Member of the Charter Party and Cincinnati's first female mayor
Swanbeck, EthelEthel Swanbeck (1893–1989) Huron 1979 Former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, served eleven consecutive terms in the Ohio House from 1955 to 1976.
Weisenborn, ClaraClara Weisenborn Montgomery 1979 Republican Ohio politician who served in the Ohio General Assembly
Whiteman, MarjorieMarjorie Whiteman Henry 1979 Legal advisor to Eleanor Roosevelt and author of the fifteen volume Digest of International Law
Berlin, GraceGrace Berlin Lucas 1980 One of the first Ohio women to earn a degree in ecology; officer of the National Audubon Society
Bombeck, ErmaErma Bombeck (1927–1996) Montgomery 1980 American humorist who achieved great popularity for her newspaper column that described suburban home life from the mid-1960s until the late 1990s
Byrne, PatriciaPatricia Byrne Cuyahoga 1980 Ambassador to the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma
Crawford, RuthRuth Crawford (1901–1953) Columbiana 1980 Modernist composer and American folk music specialist
Fast, LouisaLouisa Fast Seneca 1980 National and international women's rights activist
Fuldheim, DorothyDorothy Fuldheim (1893–1989) Cuyahoga 1980 Journalist and anchor who spent the majority of her career at The Cleveland Press and WEWS-TV
Gish, LillianLillian Gish (1893–1993) Hamilton 1980 Stage, screen and television actress; called "The First Lady of American Cinema"
Greisheimer, EstherEsther Greisheimer Ross 1980 Medical educator specializing in the fields of anesthesiology and cardiac research
Keller, EdithEdith Keller Morrow 1980 Supervisor of music for the Ohio Department of Education
Kitchen, TellaTella Kitchen Ross 1980 Folk art painter
Krupansky, BlancheBlanche Krupansky (1925–2008) Cuyahoga 1980 Cleveland judge who became the second woman to sit on the Ohio Supreme Court when she was appointed in 1981.
Larlham, HattieHattie Larlham Auglaize 1980 Founder of Hattie Larlham, a non-profit organization that provides services to more than 1,500 children and adults with developmental disabilities
Nemeth, Mary LouiseMary Louise Nemeth Cuyahoga 1980 Business publisher and industrial advertiser
Oakley, AnnieAnnie Oakley (1860–1926) Darke 1980 American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. Oakley's talent and timely rise to fame led to a starring role in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, which propelled her to become the first American female superstar.
Weber, DorisDoris Weber Cuyahoga 1980 Artist and industrial photographer
Bayer, MildredMildred Bayer Franklin 1981 Founder and president of Health Clinics International
Bischoff Lovin, TinaTina Bischoff Lovin Franklin 1981 World champion long-distance swimmer
Cornelius, DorothyDorothy Cornelius Franklin 1981 Executive director of the Ohio Nurses Association, president of the International Counsel of Nurses, president of the American Nurses Association, and president of the American Journal of Nursing Company
Day, DorisDoris Day (1924–) Hamilton 1981 American actress, singer, and animal rights activist
Diller, PhyllisPhyllis Diller (1917–2012) Allen 1981 American actress and comedian
Hunkins, EusebiaEusebia Hunkins Athens 1981 Musician and composer
Norton, AndreAndre Norton (1912–2005) Cuyahoga 1981 American science fiction and fantasy author
Untermeyer, Jean StarrJean Starr Untermeyer Muskingum 1981 Poet and translator
Upton, Harriet TaylorHarriet Taylor Upton (1853–1945) Portage 1981 Suffragette, author, and the first woman to be vice chairman of the Republican National Committee
Wilson, NancyNancy Wilson (1937–) Ross 1981 American singer with more than 70 albums, and three Grammy Awards
Boyd, A. MargaretA. Margaret Boyd Jefferson 1982 Education
Eriksson, AnnAnn Eriksson Franklin 1982 Director of Ohio's Constitutional Revision Commission
Foley, BerniceBernice Foley Hamilton 1982 Writer, lecturer and fashion commentator
George, Zelma WatsonZelma Watson George (1903–1994) Cuyahoga 1982 African American philanthropist, alternate in the United Nations General Assembly and headliner in Gian-Carlo Menotti's opera The Medium
Izant, Grace GoulerGrace Gouler Izant Cuyahoga 1982 Writer, historian and preservationist
Morrison, ToniToni Morrison (1931–) Lorain 1982 American novelist, editor, and professor. Winner of the Nobel Prize in 1993 and in 1987 the Pulitzer Prize
Sewell, PhyllisPhyllis Sewell Hamilton 1982 Executive at Federated Department Stores
Spain, JayneJayne Spain Hamilton 1982 Corporate executive
Zelkowitz, HelenHelen Zelkowitz Knox 1982 Radio broadcaster and founder of WMVO
Anderson, Harriet J.Harriet J. Anderson (1913–1980) Athens 1983 Painter and textile artist
Biggs, IoneIone Biggs Cuyahoga 1983 Political and social activist who has worked to address crime prevention, women's rights, voter registration, hunger, poverty and unemployment
Bingham, EulaEula Bingham (1929–) Hamilton 1983 Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health during the Carter Administration.
Boyle, Mary O.Mary O. Boyle Cuyahoga 1983 Member of the Ohio House of Representatives from the 15th district
Heath, MariwynMariwyn Heath Montgomery 1983 Chair of the Political Action Committee for Business and Professional Women and advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment
Irwin, JosephineJosephine Irwin Cuyahoga 1983 Suffragist and advocate for women's rights
Janis, BarbaraBarbara Janis Cuyahoga 1983 Union organizer and advocate for women
Janis, LillianLillian Janis Cuyahoga 1983 Cleveland political figure
Player, MinnieMinnie Player Cuyahoga 1983 Leader of Cleveland’s Welfare Rights Organization
Steinem, GloriaGloria Steinem (1934–) Lucas 1983 American feminist, journalist, and social and political activist who became nationally recognized as a leader of, and media spokeswoman for the women's liberation movement in the late 1960s and 1970s
Winning, FredaFreda Winning Sandusky 1983 Educator, Marine officer, government official and international diplomat
Young, Mary E. MillerMary E. Miller Young Franklin 1983 Co-founder of the Ohio Commission on the Status of Women in 1970 and leader in the struggle for the Equal Rights Amendment
Cooper, SallySally Cooper Franklin 1984 Activist opposing violence against women and children
Harris, Sarah E.Sarah E. Harris Montgomery 1984 Former President of the Dayton Urban League and community board member
Hauserman, Cindy NobleCindy Noble Hauserman Ross 1984 U.S. Olympic Basketball Team gold medalist
Kaptur, MarcyMarcy Kaptur (1946–) Lucas 1984 U.S. Representative for Ohio's 9th congressional district
Nussbaum, KarenKaren Nussbaum (1950–) Cuyahoga 1984 Executive director of Working America, a community affiliate of the AFL-CIO; former director of the United States Department of Labor Women's Bureau
Oakar, Mary RoseMary Rose Oakar (1940–) Cuyahoga 1984 Democratic politician and first Democratic woman elected to the United States Congress from Ohio
Pinkerton, CatherineCatherine Pinkerton Cuyahoga 1984 Lobbyist with NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
Player, WillaWilla Player Summit 1984 First Black woman president of a four-year women’s college
Resnik, JudithJudith Resnik (1949–1986) Summit 1984 Engineer and NASA astronaut who died in the destruction of Space Shuttle Challenger during the launch of mission STS-51-L
Santmyer, Helen HoovenHelen Hooven Santmyer (1895–1986) Greene 1984 Writer
Spencer, MarianMarian Spencer (1920–) Hamilton 1984 Former Vice Mayor of the Cincinnati City Council and the first African American woman to be elected to the Council
Trimble, MarianMarian Trimble Franklin 1984 President of Nationwide Investment Services
Wollenberg, JoyceJoyce Wollenberg Perry 1984 Union organizer and advocate for women
Cook, Lois Anna BarrLois Anna Barr Cook Montgomery 1985 Pioneering science educator
Cotner, MercedesMercedes Cotner Cuyahoga 1985 Cleveland City Council member
Draz, ZellZell Draz Mahoning 1985 Associate publisher of the Warren Tribune-Chronicle
Easterling, BarbaraBarbara Easterling (1933–) Summit 1985 First woman elected to executive committee positions at Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the AFL-CIO
Giovanni, NikkiNikki Giovanni (1943–) Hamilton 1985 Poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator
Gonzalez, AuroraAurora Gonzalez Lucas 1985 Organizer, educator and activist in Toledo's Hispanic community
Lazarus, MaryMary Lazarus Franklin 1985 Advocate for consumer rights, child safety, education, services to women and ethics in government
Mandel, BarbaraBarbara Mandel Cuyahoga 1985 President of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)
Marcere, NormaNorma Marcere Stark 1985 Pioneer feminist and educator
Middleton, LucilleLucille Middleton Champaign 1985 Established the first classes for developmentally disabled children in Champaign County
Mulholland, HelenHelen Mulholland Franklin 1985 Founding member of the Ohio Commission on the Status of Women and Ohio Women, Inc.
Schimmoler, LaurettaLauretta Schimmoler (1900–1981) Crawford 1985 Aviatrix who was the first woman in the United States to establish an airport in the United States, the first woman to command an American Legion post and was the founder of the Aerial Nurse Corps of America, the predecessor of the flight nurses of the United States Air Force.
Schott, MargeMarge Schott (1928–2004) Hamilton 1985 Managing general partner, president and CEO of the National League's Cincinnati Reds franchise from 1984 to 1999
Steinbrenner, Mary JenMary Jen Steinbrenner Cuyahoga 1985 Developed programs to benefit women and children
Andrew, MargaretMargaret Andrew Montgomery 1986 Pioneer for women in science and technology
Barber, KathleenKathleen Barber Cuyahoga 1986 Educator and political activist
Biles, FayFay Biles Portage 1986 First woman vice president of an Ohio university
Blackwell, ElizabethElizabeth Blackwell (1821–1910) Hamilton 1986 First woman to receive a medical degree in the United States and a pioneer in promoting the education of women as well as social and moral reform
Clarke, MarieMarie Clarke Franklin 1986 Black female labor leader
Crosby, Eva MaeEva Mae Crosby Franklin 1986 Educator, lawyer and race relations pioneer
Dee, RubyRuby Dee (1924–) Cuyahoga 1986 Actress, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, and activist
Drennan, CynthiaCynthia Drennan (1948–) Cuyahoga 1986 Missionary to El Salvador
Glendinning, HookerHooker Glendinning Cuyahoga 1986 Advocate for social justice, racial and cultural equality
Herring, LouiseLouise Herring (1909–1987) Hamilton 1986 One of the pioneer leaders of the not-for-profit cooperative credit union movement in the United States; known as the “Mother of Credit Unions”
LeVeque, KatherineKatherine LeVeque Franklin 1986 Columbus businesswoman
Miller, Ruth RatnerRuth Ratner Miller Cuyahoga 1986 First woman health director for the city of Cleveland
Nava, AmeliaAmelia Nava Seneca 1986 Advocate for migrant farmworkers
Pratt, Arline WebbArline Webb Pratt Stark 1986 Advocate for illumination of the Statue of Liberty
Przelomski, Anastasia AnnAnastasia Ann Przelomski Mahoning 1986 Journalist and editor
Purdy, VirginiaVirginia Purdy Adams 1986 Radio entrepreneur and founder of WRAC
Walker, Selma LoisSelma Lois Walker Franklin 1986 Founder and director of the Native American Indian Center of Columbus
Walsh, JuliaJulia Walsh Summit 1986 First woman Governor of the American Stock Exchange
Wattleton, FayeFaye Wattleton (1943–) Montgomery 1986 First African-American and youngest President ever elected to Planned Parenthood; President of the Center for the Advancement of Women
Withrow, Mary EllenMary Ellen Withrow (1930–) Marion 1986 40th Treasurer of the United States from March 1, 1994 to January 20, 2001 under President Bill Clinton
Biggins, AnnaAnna Biggins Trumbull 1988 Union organizer
Clonch, PatriciaPatricia Clonch Lawrence 1988 Executive Director of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce and the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation
Craden, NormaNorma Craden (1919–1992) Lucas 1988 Union organizer with the Coalition of Labor Union Women
Graham, Jewel FreemanJewel Freeman Graham Greene 1988 Attorney, professor and President of the World YWCA
Guisewite, CathyCathy Guisewite (1950–) Montgomery 1988 Cartoonist who created the comic strip Cathy
Jackson, Rebecca D.Rebecca D. Jackson Franklin 1988 Medical researcher specializing in endocrinology, osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease
Jenkins, Carol HeissCarol Heiss Jenkins (1940–) Summit 1988 Figure skater. 1960 Olympic Champion in Ladies Singles, 1956 Olympic silver medalist and five-time World Champion (1956–1960)
Kane, CarolCarol Kane (1953–) Cuyahoga 1988 American actress who appeared in Hester Street and Annie Hall. Received two Emmy Awards for her work in the television series Taxi
Larsen, BeaBea Larsen Hamilton 1988 First woman president of the Cincinnati Bar Association
Lev, Alice RafulAlice Raful Lev Mahoning 1988 Community organizer and advocate for social justice
Rocker Sogg, LindaLinda Rocker Sogg Cuyahoga 1988 Advocate for social justice who led the Ohio Coalition for the Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment
Smeal, EleanorEleanor Smeal (1939–) Ashtabula 1988 Feminist activist, political analyst, lobbyist, and grassroots organizer. President and founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation, serving twice as president of the National Organization for Women
Utz, CarolynCarolyn Utz (1913–2005) Franklin 1988 Music educator and youth advocate
Ward, Anita SmithAnita Smith Ward Franklin 1988 First woman to be elected Chair of a state university Board of Trustees in Ohio
Brown, Jeanette GrasselliJeanette Grasselli Brown Cuyahoga 1989 Industrial researcher for BP America
Carnahan, MaxineMaxine Carnahan Coshocton 1989 First woman president of the United Paperworkers International Union
Chapman, TracyTracy Chapman (1964–) Cuyahoga 1989 Singer-songwriter, best known for her singles "Fast Car", "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution", "Baby Can I Hold You", "Crossroads", "Give Me One Reason" and "Telling Stories". She is a multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award-winning artist.
Cowles, Betsy MixBetsy Mix Cowles (1810–1876) Ashtabula 1989 Early leader in the United States abolitionist movement
Gazelle, AnnAnn Gazelle Franklin 1989 Social worker and artist
Graves, MichelleMichelle Graves Hamilton 1989 Banker and financial planner
Harshman, FlorenceFlorence Harshman Mahoning 1989 Social worker
Hutt, JuneJune Hutt Cuyahoga 1989 Publisher and advocate of working women
Jensen, GeraldineGeraldine Jensen Lucas 1989 Founder of the Association for Children for the Enforcement of Support
Mahoney, CarolynCarolyn Mahoney Franklin 1989 Mathematics educator
Myers, LindaLinda Myers Franklin 1989 Researcher and psychotherapist
Porter, JennieJennie Porter Hamilton 1989 First black female public school principal in Cincinnati
Poulton, DianeDiane Poulton Franklin 1989 Advocate for the rights of women
Powell, ReneeRenee Powell (1946–) Stark 1989 Professional golfer who played on the LPGA Tour and is currently head professional at her family's Clearview Golf Club in East Canton, Ohio
Spretnak, CharleneCharlene Spretnak (1946–) Franklin 1989 Author, activist, academic, and feminist
Ventura, CharleneCharlene Ventura Hamilton 1989 President and CEO of the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
Gaston, MarilynMarilyn Gaston Hamilton 1990 Pediatrician who helped to establish the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at the University of Cincinnati
Jackson, DorothyDorothy Jackson Summit 1990 Akron’s Deputy Mayor for Intergovernmental Relations
Jackson, Luella TalmadgeLuella Talmadge Jackson Seneca 1990 Community activist
Kalven, JanetJanet Kalven Hamilton 1990 Feminist educator, author and activist
Kanter, RosabethRosabeth Kanter (1943–) Cuyahoga 1990 Tenured professor in business at Harvard Business School, where she holds the Ernest C. Arbuckle Professorship.
Kuhn, MaggieMaggie Kuhn (1905–1995) Cuyahoga 1990 Activist known for founding the Gray Panthers
Lamson, JoanJoan Lamson Cuyahoga 1990 Small business owner
Lin, Maya YingMaya Ying Lin (1959–) Athens 1990 Architect and artist working in sculpture and landscape art; best known as the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Macko, Anne VarianoAnne Variano Macko Cuyahoga 1990 Union organizer with the Communications Workers of America
Mott, AliciaAlicia Mott Wood 1990 Advocate for the educational and economic advancement of Ohio’s Hispanic community
Sauvageot, LudelLudel Sauvageot Summit 1990 Pioneer in the field of hospital public relations
Shur, Fanchon bat-LillianFanchon bat-Lillian Shur Hamilton 1990 Choreographer and educator
Sutliff, Phebe TemperancePhebe Temperance Sutliff (1859–1955) Trumbull 1990 President of Rockford College
Williams, GrayceGrayce Williams Franklin 1990 First Black woman to serve as President of the Columbus YWCA
Abbott, BereniceBerenice Abbott (1898–1991) Clark 1991 Photographer best known for her black-and-white photography of New York City architecture and urban design of the 1930s
Badger, EarladeenEarladeen Badger Hamilton 1991 Founder and president of United Services for Effective Parenting
Brown, HallieHallie Brown (1849–1949) Greene 1991 African American educator, writer and activist
Davidson, JoAnnJoAnn Davidson Franklin 1991 Speaker and Minority Whip of the Ohio House of Representatives
Diaz-Sprague, RaquelRaquel Diaz-Sprague Franklin 1991 Chemist and advocate for women and ethical workplaces
Dove, RitaRita Dove (1952–) Summit 1991 United States Poet Laureate and Consultant in Poetry at the Library of Congress
Gavin, Mary IgnatiaMary Ignatia Gavin (1889–1966) Summit 1991 Founded the first alcohol addiction treatment center; Sister Ignatia was known as the "Angel of Alcoholics Anonymous"
Harper, SaraSara Harper Cuyahoga 1991 First African American woman to graduate from Case Western Reserve University Law School and the first woman to serve on the judiciary of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. Harper co-founded the first victims' rights program in the United States.
Hawk, DonnaDonna Hawk Cuyahoga 1991 Developed transitional housing for the homeless
Holley, JuneJune Holley Athens 1991 Co-founder of Worker Owned Network. Holley pioneered developing worker-owned cooperatives to alleviate poverty in Appalachia.
Moore, Martha C.Martha C. Moore Guernsey 1991 Active volunteer with the Ohio Republican Party
Owens, DarleneDarlene Owens Cuyahoga 1991 First woman pipefitter in Ohio
Peterson, HelenHelen Peterson Franklin 1991 Board member of the national YWCA and advocate for minimum wage in Ohio
Pituch, MarthaMartha Pituch Lucas 1991 Health care educator and advocate for children, families and those without housing
Pointer, YvonneYvonne Pointer Cuyahoga 1991 Founder of the Positive Plus Support Group. Pointer spearheaded an effort to bring midnight basketball to Cleveland.
Ruehlmann, VirginiaVirginia Ruehlmann Hamilton 1991 Former first lady of Cincinnati; administrator and director with the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation
Schwarz, JosephineJosephine Schwarz (1908–2004) Montgomery 1991 Dance instructor and co-founder of the Schwarz School of Dance
Timken, SuzanneSuzanne Timken Stark 1991 Youth fitness advocate and vice chair of the President"s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Advisory Board
Bieniek, Nancy VertroneNancy Vertrone Bieniek Cuyahoga 1991 Businesswoman and founder of Original Copy Centers
Zannoni, Stella MarieStella Marie Zannoni Cuyahoga 1991 Preserver of Italian American cultural heritage
Beaumont, Mary of the AnnunciationMary of the Annunciation Beaumont Cuyahoga 1992 Religion and Community Services
Eaton, AntoinetteAntoinette Eaton Mahoning 1992 Math, Science and Health Services
McCullough, RubieRubie McCullough Cuyahoga 1992 Religion and Community Services
Oakley, NancyNancy Oakley Cuyahoga 1992 Religion and Community Services
Parker, HarrietHarriet Parker Franklin 1992 Math, Science and Health Services
Porter, SusanSusan Porter Allen 1992 Arts, Music and Journalism
Rice, Helen SteinerHelen Steiner Rice (1900–1981) Lorain 1992 Writer of religious and inspirational poetry
Schille, AliceAlice Schille (1869–1955) Franklin 1992 Watercolorist and painter
Thompson, LouellaLouella Thompson Butler 1992 Religion and Community Services
Benson, MildredMildred Benson (1905–2002) Lucas 1993 Journalist and author of children's books, including the earliest Nancy Drew mysteries
Bingham, AmeliaAmelia Bingham (1869–1927) Defiance 1993 Stage actress
Coffey, VirginiaVirginia Coffey Hamilton 1993 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Colombi, Viola FamianoViola Famiano Colombi Cuyahoga 1993 Religion and Community Services
Gunter, IvyIvy Gunter (1950–) Sandusky 1993 Amputee, fashion model, osteosarcoma survivor, inspirational speaker, and fitness enthusiast
Hamilton, VirginiaVirginia Hamilton Greene 1993 Author of children's books and winner of the National Book Award for Young People's Literature and the Newbery Medal
Hayes, Lucy WebbLucy Webb Hayes (1831–1889) Ross 1993 First Lady of the United States and the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes
Hintz, Joy AliceJoy Alice Hintz Muskingum 1993 Religion and Community Services
Macelwane, GeraldineGeraldine Macelwane Lucas 1993 Law
McCormick, Anne O'HareAnne O'Hare McCormick (1880–1954) Franklin 1993 Foreign news correspondent for The New York Times
Olshansky, RenaRena Olshansky Cuyahoga 1993 Arts, Music and Journalism
Pincham, EdnaEdna Pincham Mahoning 1993 Religion and Community Services
Plummer, MaxineMaxine Plummer Jackson 1993 Religion and Community Services
Reilly, JeanJean Reilly Franklin 1993 Religion and Community Services
Riel, PaulinePauline Riel Morrow 1993 Education
Cook, Christine M.Christine M. Cook (1956–) Franklin 1994 First woman of the Ohio National Guard to assume command of two separate battalions and then a regiment; Director of the Ohio Veteran's Home
Coulton, ClaudiaClaudia Coulton Cuyahoga 1994 Education
Craig-Jones, Ellen WalkerEllen Walker Craig-Jones Franklin 1994 Government and Military Service
Ferrall, NanetteNanette Ferrall Auglaize 1994 Math, Science and Health Services
Griesse, Jill HarmsJill Harms Griesse Licking 1994 Sports and Athletics
Griffith, GeorgiaGeorgia Griffith Franklin 1994 Arts, Music and Journalism
Melton, FlorenceFlorence Melton (1911–2007) Franklin 1994 Inventor known for innovating the foam-soled and washable slipper.
Nussdorfer, LucilleLucille Nussdorfer Tuscarawas 1994 Religion and Community Services
Reece, JaneJane Reece (1868–1961) Montgomery 1994 Pictorial photographer of the early 20th century
Reynolds, Emma AnnEmma Ann Reynolds Ross 1994 Math, Science and Health Services
Scott, CarolCarol Scott Clark 1994 Religion and Community Services
Spence, PaulaPaula Spence Franklin 1994 Business and Labor
Tribe, DeannaDeanna Tribe Vinton 1994 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Wald, LillianLillian Wald (1867–1940) Hamilton 1994 Nurse, social worker, public health official, teacher, author, editor, publisher, activist for peace, women's, children's and civil rights, and the founder of American community nursing
Beckwith, SandraSandra Beckwith (1943–) Hamilton 1995 Judge; first woman to sit on the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio
Beveridge, Daeida Hartell WilcoxDaeida Hartell Wilcox Beveridge Defiance 1995 Business and Labor
Blackmon, Patricia AnnPatricia Ann Blackmon Cuyahoga 1995 Law
Bowermaster, MaryMary Bowermaster (1917–2011) Butler 1995 Nurse's aide for schools in Butler County and masters athlete
Brennan, ChristineChristine Brennan (1958–) Lucas 1995 Sports columnist, TV and radio commentator, best-selling author and nationally-known speaker
Cauffman, Joy GarrisonJoy Garrison Cauffman Clinton 1995 Math, Science and Health Services
Clark, BunnyBunny Clark Franklin 1995 Math, Science and Health Services
Drake, GraceGrace Drake Cuyahoga 1995 Government and Military Service
Evans, NaomiNaomi Evans Franklin 1995 Math, Science and Health Services
Gage, Frances DanaFrances Dana Gage Hamilton 1995 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Kirkham, JaneJane Kirkham Cuyahoga 1995 Arts, Music and Journalism
Lewis, SylviaSylvia Lewis (1931–) Summit 1995 Actress, dancer and choreographer
Longaberger, TamiTami Longaberger Licking 1995 Business and Labor
Moon, DonnaDonna Moon Montgomery 1995 Business and Labor
Murphy, GratiaGratia Murphy Mahoning 1995 Education
Resnick, Alice RobieAlice Robie Resnick (1939–) Lucas 1995 Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio
Siebert, MurielMuriel Siebert (1932–) Cuyahoga 1995 First woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and the first woman to head one of its member firms
Cartwright, CarolCarol Cartwright Portage 1996 Academic administrator and former president of Bowling Green State University
Evans, ElizabethElizabeth Evans Franklin 1996 Radio broadcaster
Goodall, Rae NatalieRae Natalie Goodall Morrow 1996 Math, Science and Health Services
Hauser, ElizabethElizabeth Hauser Trumbull 1996 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Healy, BernadineBernadine Healy (1944–2011) Franklin 1996 Physician, cardiologist, academic and a former head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Kelly, CarolCarol Kelly Union 1996 Education
Lewis, FannieFannie Lewis Cuyahoga 1996 Religion and Community Services
Montgomery, BettyBetty Montgomery (1948–) Wood 1996 Republican politician who served as Ohio State Auditor
Taft, HopeHope Taft Hamilton 1996 First Lady of Ohio and wife to Governor Bob Taft
Ball, CarolCarol Ball Darke 1997 Arts, Music and Journalism
Byers, MarilynMarilyn Byers Ashland 1997 Government and Military Service
Capers, Jean MurrellJean Murrell Capers Cuyahoga 1997 Law
Dorsey, MarthaMartha Dorsey Clermont 1997 Government and Military Service
Heidelberg, JoanJoan Heidelberg Miami 1997 Math, Science and Health Services
Herbert, ClariceClarice Herbert Allen 1997 Religion and Community Services
Lampkin, BeatriceBeatrice Lampkin Hamilton 1997 Math, Science and Health Services
MayerTownsend, JacquelynJacquelyn MayerTownsend Erie 1997 Math, Science and Health Services
O'Rourke, AnnAnn O'Rourke Franklin 1997 Religion and Community Services
Rothschild, BerylBeryl Rothschild Cuyahoga 1997 Government and Military Service
Shackelford, TheklaThekla Shackelford Franklin 1997 Education
Campbell, Marianne BoggsMarianne Boggs Campbell Gallia 1998 Business and Labor
Garrison, CaroleCarole Garrison Summit 1998 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Hollister, NancyNancy Hollister (1949–) Muskingum 1998 66th Governor of Ohio
Jones, StephanieStephanie Jones Cuyahoga 1998 Lawyer and educator, President of Stephanie Jones Strategies and former Executive Director of the National Urban League Policy Institute
Kay, Bettye RuthBettye Ruth Kay Lucas 1998 Religion and Community Services
Ross-Lee, BarbaraBarbara Ross-Lee Athens 1998 Dean of the Ohio University of Osteopathic Medicine
Mackiewicz, AudreyAudrey Mackiewicz Erie 1998 Arts, Music and Journalism
Palasics, KathyKathy Palasics Cuyahoga 1998 Arts, Music and Journalism
Quinn, Margaret DianeMargaret Diane Quinn Muskingum 1998 Government and Military Service
Seiberling, HenriettaHenrietta Seiberling Summit 1998 Religion and Community Services
Taylor, Mary EmilyMary Emily Taylor Logan 1998 Education
Varga, VirginiaVirginia Varga Montgomery 1998 Education
Woods, JacquelineJacqueline Woods Cuyahoga 1998 Business and Labor
Zimpher, Nancy LuskNancy Lusk Zimpher Franklin 1998 Education
Behrensmeyer, MaryJoMaryJo Behrensmeyer Knox 1999 Education
Costilla, AlvinaAlvina Costilla Lucas 1999 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Deal, SarahSarah Deal Wood 1999 First female Marine selected for Naval aviation training, and subsequently the Marine Corps' first female aviator in 1993
Doren, ElectraElectra Doren Montgomery 1999 Education
Flowers, DaisyDaisy Flowers Franklin 1999 Religion and Community Services
Glenn, AnnieAnnie Glenn (1920–) Muskingum 1999 Wife of former astronaut and Senator John Glenn
Hamilton, AnnAnn Hamilton (1956-) Franklin 1999 Artist known for her installations, textile art and sculptures
Hoover, CaroleCarole Hoover Cuyahoga 1999 Business and Labor
Horn, Cheryl HanCheryl Han Horn Franklin 1999 Business and Labor
Latham, CarolCarol Latham Cuyahoga 1999 Business and Labor
Linenkugel, NancyNancy Linenkugel Erie 1999 Math, Science and Health Services
Marsh, Marie BarrettMarie Barrett Marsh Trumbull 1999 Government and Military Service
Parham, MarjorieMarjorie Parham Hamilton 1999 Arts, Music and Journalism
Regula, MaryMary Regula Stark 1999 Religion and Community Services
Rubin, Lee LenoreLee Lenore Rubin Athens 1999 Religion and Community Services
Stowe, Harriet BeecherHarriet Beecher Stowe (1811–1896) Hamilton 1999 Abolitionist and author who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852)
Thornton, Jerry SueJerry Sue Thornton Cuyahoga 1999 Education
Voinovich, JanetJanet Voinovich Cuyahoga 1999 Government and Military Service
Ashbaugh, PaigePaige Ashbaugh Summit 2000 Sports and Athletics
Collins, Maude CharlesMaude Charles Collins Vinton 2000 Government and Military Service
Dambrot, FayeFaye Dambrot Summit 2000 Education
de Leon, MargaritaMargarita de Leon Lucas 2000 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Fletcher, Patricia LouisePatricia Louise Fletcher Jefferson 2000 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Harrington, Jean PatriceJean Patrice Harrington Hamilton 2000 Education
Hoffman, ShirleyShirley Hoffman Cuyahoga 2000 Math, Science and Health Services
Kazel, DorothyDorothy Kazel (1939–1980) Cuyahoga 2000 Ursuline nun and missionary to El Salvador
Majidzadeh, FarahFarah Majidzadeh Franklin 2000 Business and Labor
Martin, AdaAda Martin Franklin 2000 Religion and Community Services
Porter, LorleLorle Porter Knox 2000 Education
Samaniego, LannaLanna Samaniego Mercer 2000 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Taylor, YvonneYvonne Taylor Greene 2000 Education
Wong, MargaretMargaret Wong Cuyahoga 2000 Law
Zane, BettyBetty Zane (1759–1823) Belmont 2000 Alleged heroine of the American Revolutionary War
Boreczky, RebeccaRebecca Boreczky Delaware 2001 Religion and Community Services
Casement, Frances JenningsFrances Jennings Casement (1840–1928) Lake 2001 Suffragette
Davis, Ruth L.Ruth L. Davis (1910–2005) Lucas 2001 First woman President of Davis College
Ford, LucilleLucille Ford Ashland 2001 Education
Gray, Susan F.Susan F. Gray Darke 2001 Educator, advocate for historical preservation and Darke County Park Commissioner
Harrison, KathleenKathleen Harrison Franklin 2001 Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps
Hughes, Adella PrentissAdella Prentiss Hughes (1869–1950) Cuyahoga 2001 Pianist and impresario; main organiser of the Cleveland Orchestra
Jackson, Janet E.Janet E. Jackson Franklin 2001 Assistant Attorney General for Ohio and the first African-American woman to serve as judge in Franklin County
Kamenshek, Dottie KammieDottie Kammie Kamenshek Hamilton 2001 Sports and Athletics
Levin, MaxineMaxine Levin Cuyahoga 2001 Religion and Community Services
Long, IreneIrene Long (1950–) Cuyahoga 2001 Physician and NASA official. Long was the first female Chief Medical Officer at the Kennedy Space Center.
MacDonell, MarthaMartha MacDonell Allen 2001 Religion and Community Services
Matesich, Mary AndrewMary Andrew Matesich Franklin 2001 Education
Powell, ElizabethElizabeth Powell Mahoning 2001 Reverend Mother and founder of the World Fellowship Interdenominational Church
Pryce, DeborahDeborah Pryce (1951–) Franklin 2001 Former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives for Ohio's 15th congressional district
Sexton, MariaMaria Sexton Wayne 2001 Sports and Athletics
Walters, FarahFarah Walters Cuyahoga 2001 Business and Labor
Washington, Georgeta BlebeaGeorgeta Blebea Washington Cuyahoga 2001 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Barker, JudyJudy Barker Franklin 2002 Business and Labor
Buchholzer, Frances SeiberlingFrances Seiberling Buchholzer Summit 2002 Government and Military Service
Campbell, Joan BrownJoan Brown Campbell Cuyahoga 2002 Religion and Community Services
Frankenberg, NancyNancy Frankenberg Delaware 2002 Religion and Community Services
Hart-Deming, ZellZell Hart-Deming Trumbull 2002 Business and Labor
Helsel, ElsieElsie Helsel Athens 2002 Religion and Community Services
Horstman, Katie T.Katie T. Horstman Auglaize 2002 Sports and Athletics
Hwang, JennieJennie Hwang Cuyahoga 2002 Math, Science and Health Services
Lewis, Cathy MonroeCathy Monroe Lewis Cuyahoga 2002 Religion and Community Services
Robertson, Viola StartzmanViola Startzman Robertson Wayne 2002 Math, Science and Health Services
Spielman, StefanieStefanie Spielman Franklin 2002 Sports reporter and breast cancer survivor
Sullivan, KathrynKathryn Sullivan (1951–) Franklin 2002 Geologist and former NASA astronaut. Sullivan is the first American woman to walk in space.
Bailey, SheilaSheila Bailey Cuyahoga 2003 Math, Science and Health Services
Blunden, Jeraldyne KilbornJeraldyne Kilborn Blunden Montgomery 2003 Arts, Music and Journalism
Carter, ShannonShannon Carter Hamilton 2003 Religion and Community Services
Fleming, LuceilleLuceille Fleming Franklin 2003 Government and Military Service
Gonzalez-Sanabria, OlgaOlga Gonzalez-Sanabria Cuyahoga 2003 Math, Science and Health Services
Janis, ElsieElsie Janis (1889–1956) Franklin 2003 Singer, songwriter, actress, and screenwriter
Lenski, LoisLois Lenski (1893–1974) Shelby 2003 Writer of children's and young adult fiction
Mosley-Thompson, EllenEllen Mosley-Thompson Franklin 2003 Math, Science and Health Services
Nelson, CathyCathy Nelson Franklin 2003 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Scott, Evlyn GrayEvlyn Gray Scott Cuyahoga 2003 Math, Science and Health Services
Williams, YvonneYvonne Williams Wayne 2003 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Brugler, Rogers MargaretRogers Margaret Brugler Franklin 2007 Religion and Community Services
Chatfield, JuliaJulia Chatfield Brown 2007 Education
Hastings, LucilleLucille Hastings Holmes 2007 Religion and Community Services
Howard, LillieLillie Howard Montgomery 2007 Education
Jorgenson, Mary AnnMary Ann Jorgenson Cuyahoga 2007 Law
Mahaney, JoyceJoyce Mahaney Lucas 2007 Religion and Community Services
Schlotfeldt, RozellaRozella Schlotfeldt Cuyahoga 2007 Math, Science and Health Services
Smith, Katherine MayKatherine May Smith (1974–) Hocking 2007 Basketball player; Ohio State Female Athlete of the Century
Wang, FlorenceFlorence Wang Mahoning 2007 Religion and Community Services
Baunach, DorothyDorothy Baunach Cuyahoga 2008 Business and Labor
Black, CarrieCarrie Black Franklin 2008 Math, Science and Health Services
Bosca, CaroCaro Bosca Clark 2008 Government and Military Service
Brown, Yvette McGeeYvette McGee Brown Franklin 2008 President of the Center for Children and Family Advocacy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Crane, LoannLoann Crane Franklin 2008 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Durgin, JoanJoan Durgin Lucas 2008 Education
Gibbs, CarolCarol Gibbs Hamilton 2008 Religion and Community Services
Johnson, BillieBillie Johnson Lucas 2008 Religion and Community Services
Lei, JihJih Lei Cuyahoga 2008 Math, Science and Health Services
Magee, ElizabethElizabeth Magee Cuyahoga 2008 Business and Labor
Rajadhyaksha, KasturiKasturi Rajadhyaksha Franklin 2008 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Salamon, JulieJulie Salamon (1953–) Adams 2008 Journalist, critic and author
Wheatly, MicheleMichele Wheatly Greene 2008 Education
Collins, GailGail Collins (1945–) Hamilton 2009 Journalist, op-ed columnist and author, most recognized for her work with The New York Times
Davis, Pamela B.Pamela B. Davis Cuyahoga 2009 Dean and Vice President for Medical Affairs of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
de Groh, KimKim de Groh Cuyahoga 2009 Math, Science and Health Services
Gray, Beverly J.Beverly J. Gray Ross 2009 Educator
Howard, SharonSharon Howard Montgomery 2009 Religion and Community Services
Kuhre, CarolCarol Kuhre Athens 2009 Religion and Community Services
Manning, VirginiaVirginia Manning Erie 2009 Business and Labor
Moss, HelenHelen Moss Cuyahoga 2009 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Rycus, JudithJudith Rycus Franklin 2009 Religion and Community Services
Sandusky, Mary AdelaideMary Adelaide Sandusky Lucas 2009 Religion and Community Services
Watson, GlennaGlenna Watson Franklin 2009 Government and Military Service
Williams, BernettBernett Williams Summit 2009 Religion and Community Services
Williamson, CeliaCelia Williamson Lucas 2009 University of Toledo Professor and community advocate who seeks to combat domestic human trafficking and prostitution.
Alvarene, OwensOwens Alvarene Montgomery 2010 Law
Channing, Tenenbaum GayleTenenbaum Gayle Channing Franklin 2010 Math, Science and Health Services
Chapman, Dorothy McAlpin MaguireDorothy McAlpin Maguire Chapman Lorain 2010 Sports and Athletics
Fergus, BarbaraBarbara Fergus Franklin 2010 Arts, Music and Journalism
Kearns, Merle GraceMerle Grace Kearns Ottawa 2010 Government and Military Service
Lee, Rebecca J.Rebecca J. Lee Pickaway 2010 Executive Director of the Pickaway County Veteran Service Commission
McClelland, NinaNina McClelland Lucas 2010 Math, Science and Health Services
Moresky, LanaLana Moresky Cuyahoga 2010 Women's Suffrage and Cultural Activism
Otto, Martha PotterMartha Potter Otto Knox 2010 Math, Science and Health Services
Ruppert, ElizabethElizabeth Ruppert Lucas 2010 Math, Science and Health Services
Singh, RitaRita Singh Cuyahoga 2010 Business and Labor
Boyce, Cheryl A.Cheryl A. Boyce Franklin 2011 Health Services
Flick, Elizabeth H.Elizabeth H. Flick Franklin 2011 Community and Military Service
Harper, Frances Ellen WatkinsFrances Ellen Watkins Harper (1825-1911) 2011 African-American abolitionist, poet and author. Harper published her first book of poetry at age 20 and her first novel, the widely praised Iola Leroy, at age 67.
Hollis, Brenda J.Brenda J. Hollis Henry 2011 Military Service and Law
Juhas, Mary C.Mary C. Juhas Franklin 2011 Science and Education
Luckner, Kleia R.Kleia R. Luckner Lucas 2011 Health Service and Law
Lyons, Valerie J.Valerie J. Lyons Lorain 2011 Science
Noelker, Linda S.Linda S. Noelker Cuyahoga 2011 Community Service and Health Service
Vonderhaar, CarrieCarrie Vonderhaar Hamilton 2011 Arts and Conservation

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