Offutt may refer to:

  • Offutt (surname)
  • Offutt, Kentucky
  • Offutt Air Force Base, United States Air Force airbase in Sarpy County, Nebraska
  • Offutt Field (Greensburg), Professional baseball and American football venue in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Other articles related to "offutt":

Byrne Offutt
... Byrne Offutt is a dramatic and comedic actor ... From the first Spiderman movie to the parody Superhero Movie, Offutt has gained a reputation as both a dramatic and comedic actor ...
Jarvis Offutt
... First Lieutenant Jarvis Jennes Offutt (October 26, 1894 – August 13, 1918) was an aviator from Omaha, Nebraska who died in World War I ... Offutt Air Force Base is named in his honor ...
Conan (books) - Ace Maroto Editions, 1978-1981
... Offutt and old Howard/de Camp collaborations, all illustrated by Esteban Maroto ... The Offutt stories, in combination with his Conan The Sword of Skelos from the Bantam series, form a linked trilogy ... Offutt) The Treasure of Tranicos (Jul ...
Captain Andrew Offutt Monument
... The Captain Andrew Offutt Monument in Ryder Cemetery in eastern Lebanon, Kentucky, off US-68, is a monument on the National Register of Historic Places ... It honors Captain Andrew Offutt (November 9, 1837-October 7, 1921) who served as a Union officer in the 5th Kentucky Cavalry during the American Civil War, participating in General William Tecumseh Sherman's March ... The monument features a marble statue of Captain Andrew Offutt atop a granite base ...