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Atari Jaguar

The Jaguar version was published by Atari and was released on November 28, 1994. Though the first console port of Doom, this version has more levels than the SNES and 32X versions, and as many levels as the 3DO and GBA versions. It features 22 of the PC version's 27 levels, though many of them are simplified, plus 2 new levels (the levels titled "Tower of Babel" and "Hell Keep" are not the same as the PC levels of the same names). Unlike the SNES, 32X, and 3DO versions, the game display occupies the full screen. The levels use more complex lighting effects but have less variation in floor depth and ceiling height. It lacks the Cyberdemon, the Spider Mastermind and the Spectre. It is compatible with the JagLink 2-console networking device for 2 players to play a deathmatch. The Jaguar version does not have any music during gameplay, but plays the familiar title theme and intermission music with new instruments. Game settings and progress through the levels are saved automatically, and the player can start a new game anywhere up to the last level reached. Instead of having to cycle through the weapons selection, the player can select a weapon by pressing its corresponding button on the controller's number pad.

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