Odo II

Odo II may refer to

  • Odo II, Count of Troyes (9th century)
  • Odo II, Count of Blois (983–1037)
  • Odo II, Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark (d. 1046)

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Porhoët - Viscount of Porhoet As Duke of Brittany
... Eudes II of Porhoet, known also as Odo II is a notable figure in the history of the Duchy of Brittany ... Odo II married into the ruling duchy of Brittany though his first marriage to Bertha (b.1114-?) ... Upon Bertha's death, Odo II served as Regent to Bertha's son Conan IV of Penthièvre ...
Duke Of Brittany - History - 12th Century
... To consolidate his hold on power, Odo II entered into a pact with dispossessed Hoel, Count of Nantes, to divide Brittany between them ... However, Henry II of England, now King of England, seized the Earldom of Richmond, Conan's paternal inheritance ... Henry II of England continued to stoke revolts and rebellions in Brittany against Conan IV ...
Odo - Historical - Nobility
... Odo the Great (died c. 735), Duke of Aquitaine Odo I, Count of Orléans (died 834) Odo I, Count of Troyes (died 871) Odo II, Count of Troyes (held the title in 876) Odo of France (860–898. 860 – 898), King of the Franks Odo, Duke of Burgundy (944–965) Odo of Fézensac (died 985), Count of Fézensac Odo I, Count of Blois (950–996) Odo I, Margrave ...