Obturator Nerve

The obturator nerve in human anatomy arises from the ventral divisions of the second, third, and fourth lumbar nerves; the branch from the third is the largest, while that from the second is often very small.

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Anterior Branch Of Obturator Nerve
... The anterior branch of the obturator nerve leaves the pelvis in front of the Obturator externus and descends in front of the Adductor brevis, and behind the ... Near the obturator foramen the nerve gives off an articular branch to the hip joint ... to the Pectineus it receives a communicating branch from the accessory obturator nerve when that nerve is present ...
Obturator Nerve - Additional Images
... Internal surface Left Levator ani from within The Obturator externus The arteries of the pelvis Variations in origin and course of obturator artery The ... lumbar plexus Dissection of side wall of pelvis showing sacral and pudendal plexuses Obturator nerve Obturator nerve ...
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... urine A Adie pupil William John Adie neurology ciliary nerve damage dilated pupil, poorly reactive but with normal near accommodation A Adson's sign Alfred Washington Adson vascular surgery ... B Bielschowsky's head tilt test Alfred Bielschowsky neurology, ophthalmology lesions of cranial nerve IV test for palsy of superior oblique muscle B Bing's sign Paul Robert Bing neurology pyramidal tract lesions ... hypocalcemia tapping over facial nerve elicits abnormal muscle contraction(s) C Claybrook sign Edwin Claybrook emergency medicine, surgery blunt abdominal trauma heart and/or breath sounds heard through ...
Nerve To Quadratus Femoris - Course
... The nerve to quadratus femoris is a sacral plexus nerve ... ventral divisions of the fourth and fifth lumbar and first sacral nerves it leaves the pelvis through the greater sciatic foramen, below the piriformis muscle, and runs down in front of the ... Nerves of lower limbs and lower torso the lumbosacral plexus (L1–Co) (TA A14.2.05–07GA 9.948) lumbar plexus (L1–L4) iliohypogastric lateral cutaneous branch anterior cutaneous branch ...
Human Leg - Anatomy - Muscles - Hip
... importance) Lateral rotation •Sartorius •Gluteus maximus •Quadratus femoris •Obturator internus •Gluteus medius and minimus •Iliopsoas (with psoas major♣) •Obturato ... The obturator internus originates on the pelvis on the obturator foramen and its membrane, passes through the lesser sciatic foramen, and is inserted on the ... The obturator externus has a parallel course with its origin located on the posterior border of the obturator foramen ...

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