Some articles on obligations, obligation:

Promise Theory - Autonomy
... Obligations, rather than promises have been the traditional way of guiding behaviour ... Promise Theory's point of departure from obligation logics is the idea that all agents in a system should have autonomy of control—i.e ... Obligation theories in computer science often view an obligation as a deterministic command that causes its proposed outcome ...
Chapter XVI Of The United Nations Charter - Article 103
... Article 103 states that members' obligations under the UN Charter override their obligations under any other treaty ... North Atlantic Treaty) to override their UN Charter obligations, a fact that has been used to question the legality of military actions conducted under regional treaty organization auspices, such as the 1999 ... Members of the League severally agree that this Covenant is accepted as abrogating all obligations or understandings inter se which are inconsistent with the ...
Social Classes Of Tibet - The Middle Division - Householders
... Compared to the taxpayer families the householders, however, had lighter tax obligations and only human labor corvée obligations to their district ... These obligations, unlike the taxpayer family obligations, fell only on the individual and not on his family ...
Canadian Aero Service Ltd. V. O'Malley - The Judgments Below
... Ontario, it was held that, while O'Malley and Zarzycki, as corporate officers, had fiduciary obligations to Canaero, such obligations did not apply in this case ... of Appeal, but it was held that O'Malley and Zarzycki did not have fiduciary obligations to Canaero ... employer, involving no corresponding fiduciary obligations and, apart from valid contractual restriction, no limitation upon post-employment competition save as to appropriation of ...

Famous quotes containing the word obligations:

    The parent who loves his child dearly but asks for nothing in return might qualify as a saint, but he will not qualify as a parent. For a child who can claim love without meeting any of the obligations of love will be a self-centered child and many such children have grown up in our time to become petulant lovers and sullen marriage partners because the promise of unconditional love has not been fulfilled.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    Whoever takes a view of the life of man ... will find it so beset and hemm’d in with obligations of one kind or other, as to leave little room to suspect, that man can live to himself: and so closely has our creator link’d us together ... that we find this bond of mutual dependence ... is too strong to be broke.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)

    ... education fails in so far as it does not stir in students a sharp awareness of their obligations to society and furnish at least a few guideposts pointing toward the implementation of these obligations.
    Mary Barnett Gilson (1877–?)