Object Domain

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Examples of Sign Relations
... The object domain of this discussion fragment is the set of two people {Ann, Bob} ... The syntactic domain or the sign system that is involved in their discussion is limited to the set of four signs {"Ann", "Bob", "I", "You"} ... Ann and Bob are not only the passive objects of nominative and accusative references but also the active interpreters of the language that they use ...

Famous quotes containing the words domain and/or object:

    The vice named surrealism is the immoderate and impassioned use of the stupefacient image or rather of the uncontrolled provocation of the image for its own sake and for the element of unpredictable perturbation and of metamorphosis which it introduces into the domain of representation; for each image on each occasion forces you to revise the entire Universe.
    Louis Aragon (1897–1982)

    Your Englishman, confronted by something abnormal will always pretend that it isn’t there. If he can’t pretend that, he will look through the object, or round it, or above it or below it, or in any direction except into it. If, however, you force him to look into it, he will at once pretend that he sees the object not for what it is but for something that he would like it to be.
    James Agate (1877–1947)