Obi may refer to:

  • Obi (sash), a sash worn with a kimono or with the uniforms used by practitioners of Japanese martial arts
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi, fictional character from the Star Wars universe
  • Obi (store), a European home improvement store chain based in Germany
  • Obi (title), a title among the Igbo people of Nigeria
    • Obi of Onitsha, traditional ruler of Onitsha
  • Obi, another form of the word Obeah
  • Obi (publishing), an informational piece of paper or cardboard folded around or over a book or non-Japanese LP record, music CD, video game, or magazine
  • Obi (band), a British indie music band from the early 2000s
  • Ob River, a river in Russia, also known as Obi
  • John Obi Mikel (born 1987), footballer
  • Joel Obi (born 1991), footballer


  • Obi, Nigeria, a town and local government area
  • Obi Islands, in the Moluccas

OBI may refer to

  • The Ontology for Biomedical Investigations, an international cross-domain ontology effort
  • Our Boys Institute, Adelaide
  • obliteration by incorporation, a concept in sociology of science introduced by Robert K. Merton
  • Order of British India
  • Operation Blessing International
  • Oak Beach Inn
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, a software owned by Oracle Corporation.
  • OSS BSS Interface OSS(Operations Support Systems)-BSS(Business Support Systems) Interface - Telecoms System Management Interface
  • Woodbine Municipal Airport (New Jersey) (FAA LID: OBI)
  • Orion Bus Industries, before that Ontario Bus Industries - A bus manufacturer.

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... Chike Obi (April 17, 1921 – March 13, 2008) was a Nigerian politician, mathematician and professor ... Obi is the author of several books and journals on mathematics and Nigerian politics ...
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... Obi helped form the Dynamic Party of Nigeria, of which he served as its first secretary-general ... larger National Council of Nigerian and Cameroon, Obi was elected as part of the Nigerian delegation that negotiated the country’s path to self-rule at two London conferences in 1957 ... After Nigeria’s independence from Britain in 1960, Obi was elected a legislator in the Eastern House of Assembly in 1960, he refused to vacate his seat in the national legislature ...
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8.367°N 8.767°E / 8.367 8.767 Obi, Nigeria — LGA and town — Obi, Nigeria Coordinates 8°22′N 8°46′E / 8.367°N 8.767°E / 8.367 ...

Famous quotes containing the word obi:

    Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.
    George Lucas (b. 1944)