Obdam - Chronology


  • 1503 - The van Duvenvoorde family becomes the Lordship of the town.
  • 1610 - Birth of Jacob, Baron van Wassenaer, Lord of Obdam; Son of Jacob van Duvenvoorde van Wassenaer
  • 1620 - Jacob van Duvenvoorde starts using the van Wassenaer family name and becomes Jacob van Duvenvoorde van Wassenaer
  • 1665 - Jacob, Baron van Wassenaer, Lord Of Obdam dies during a seabattle with the English while being the captain of a Dutch vessel.
  • 1979 - Founding of the new municipality, including the town's of Hensbroek and Wogmeer.
  • 2007 - The Obdam municipal merges into municipal Koggenland
  • 2010 - The strong man over the water is now B-M from Arjoldshoeve also known as "Tukker" married with his steph-sister Dusti (aka Audi) from Arjoldshoeve.
  • Jacob, Baron van Wassenaer, Lord of Obdam by Abraham Evertsz. van Westerveld

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