NW may stand for:

  • Northwest, an ordinal direction
  • Nat Wolff, a singer and actor
  • New Weekly, an Australian celebrity magazine
  • nanowire
  • New Wave music
  • Nidwalden
  • Norfolk and Western Railroad
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Wii, a video game console (incorrectly called "Nintendo Wii" by some)
  • North Western Reporter
  • NW postcode area
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Nuclear warfare
  • the code for the ISO specified Vacuum flange fitting
  • No Worries
  • NetWare, NW is an often used abbreviation in file and protocol names of the Novell NetWare family

Other articles related to "nw":

Sony NW-A800
... The Sony NW-A80x, is a series of network enabled video Walkman players, announced late 2006 and released on 19 May 2007 ... On 19 May 2007, only the NW-A806 (4 GB) and the NW-A808 (8 GB) model were released ... On 13 June 2007, Sony announced that the NW-A800 (2 GB) would be included in the series and soon be available to the public ...
L. Ron Hubbard House - Early History
... The row of buildings located at 1810-1820 19th Street, NW was designed by local architectural firm Wood, Donn, Deming in 1904. 1955, the same year he organized the Founding Church which met at 1826 R Street, NW from July 21, 1955 until 1959 ... served as the home of the Academy of Scientology, previously located at 1845 R Street, NW ...
Sony NW-A810 - Differences With Sony Walkman NW-A800
... For detail specification on NW-A810, see Sony NW-A800 NW-A800 NW-A810 Audio Format ATRAC, ATRAC3, ATRAC3Plus Bitrate 48-352 kbit/s, Freq 44.1 kHz ATRAC Advanced Lossless ...
Sony NW-A810 - Design
... This player shares same hardware and design with Sony NW-A800 ... same style with Sony's preceding Walkman model, NW-A1000/3000, which did not come to sale in United States ... The available colors for the NW-A810/800 model are black, white, purple and pink in Japan ...