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Comparison Of Programming Languages (object-oriented Programming) - Special Variables
... current object current object's parent object null reference Current Context of Execution Smalltalk self super nil thisContext ABAP Objects me super initial C++ (STL) *this ...
... A stubroutine (also known as a stub function, null script, null subroutine, or null function) is a command script or program subroutine which does ... program is disassembled and the appropriate code is substituted for a null subroutine that just returns the value expected by the caller ...
Maximum Money Monster - Credits
... Null - vocals, guitars Mara Tabata - guitars Tatsuya Yoshida - drums (2-4, 8), Voice (2, 8) Ikuo Taketani - drums (1, 5, 6, 7) Zeni Geva KK Null ...
Null - Other
... Null and void, having no legal validity Null-A, a term used in science fiction, referring to Korzybski's notation as an abbreviation for "non-Aristotelian" ...
Lite-C - Examples
... = 400 // resize the window int handle = media_play("greetings.mpg",NULL,50) // start a movie in the whole window at volume 50 ... wait(1) // wait until movie was finished sys_exit(NULL) } The following lite-C program opens a 3D window and displays a spinning sphere void main { level_load("") // open ... you can use NULL instead of "" ENTITY* sphere = ent_create("sphere.mdl",vector(0,0,0),NULL) // create sphere model at position (0,0,0) while(1) { sphere->pan += 1 // rotate the sphere with 1 degree per ...

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    A strong person makes the law and custom null before his own will.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)