Nova Prime

Nova Prime

Prime is a title in Transformers fiction, the designation given to the leader of the Autobots and bearer of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. The Japanese equivalent of Prime is Convoy, sometimes explained in Western Transformers folklore as an honorific nickname given to Autobots (called Cybertrons in Japan) who possess the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. The name is derived from their creator, Primus.

An Autobot Supreme Commander may be called "Prime" even if he does not possess the Matrix. In such cases the term is a title only and not part of that Autobot’s name (see Ultra Magnus). In other cases an Autobot may serve as a Matrix Templar without being the Supreme Commander (see Vector Prime), however the honorific “Prime” is still attached to their name.

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Prime (Transformers) - Transformers: Generation 1 - IDW Publishing
... In IDW Publishing's The Transformers Spotlight issue featuring Optimus Prime, there is a character named Nova Prime, who was a holder of the Matrix before Sentinel Prime ... According to Omega Supreme, Nova Prime wanted to expand the Cybertronian race and influence the course of cosmic events ... Nova Prime's Chief Theoretical Strategist was named Jhiaxus and among his experiments was the first combiner, Monstructor ...
Nova Prime - In Japan - Council of Convoys
... The Council of Convoy is actually the Maximal Council of Elders the Maximal Equivalent of the Tripredacus Council during the Beast Wars era, specifically the Japanese-exclusive 1999 anime Beast Wars Neo ... Each one resembled Optimus Prime and each may have been Prime at one time ...

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