Northern Wei Forces

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Emperor Daowu Of Northern Wei - As Prince of Wei - Following Hostility With Later Yan
... Rouran would remain an annoyance, and often a menace, for the rest of Northern Wei's history ... In winter 391, Liu Wenchen sent his son Liu Zhilidi (劉直力鞮) to attack Northern Wei, and Tuoba Gui, despite having a much smaller army than Liu Zhilidi, defeated him, and further crossed ... Tai Xifu (太悉伏) refused to turn him over despite Northern Wei demands, and Liu Bobo would eventually marry the daughter of Later Qin's vassal Mo Yigan (沒奕干) and became dependent ...
Battle Of Canhe Slope - The Battle
... When Later Yan forces reached Canhe Slope (in modern Baoding as well), the army became enveloped in darkness, probably due to the storm ... monk Zhitanmeng (支曇猛) warned Murong Bao that Northern Wei forces must be approaching, but Murong Bao, believing that he was pulling away from Northern Wei forces ... did not believe Zhitanmeng, and therefore had his soldiers hunt without paying heed to Northern Wei advances ...

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