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Great Sioux War Of 1876–77 - Diplomatic Efforts
... a spring campaign against the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne who had refused to come in, a number of diplomatic efforts were underway in an effort to end the war ... George Sword mission As the winter wore on, rumors reached Camp Robinson that the northern bands were interested in surrendering ... About thirty young men, mostly Oglala and Northern Cheyenne, departed the Red Cloud Agency on January 16, 1877 to make the dangerous journey north ...
Wooden Leg: A Warrior Who Fought Custer - Research
... In this year Marquis, a doctor, came into contact with the Northern Cheyenne when appointed agency physician on their reservation in Montana ... Wooden Leg himself relates the attitudes of the Cheyenne at a peace feast organised to commemorate the 30th anniversary (1906) of the Battle of the Little Bighorn ... In the presence of many United States soldiers, the Cheyenne were questioned about the battle ...
Conscious Alliance - Projects - Ft. Robinson Run
... the run was created to pay homage to those Northern Cheyenne ancestors that broke out of Fort Robinson on January 9, 1879 ... Because of this sacrifice, they now have the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation ... The runners include 100 Northern Cheyenne youth from the reservation who range in age from 7 to young adults ...
Wooden Leg: A Warrior Who Fought Custer - Synopsis - Cheyenne Ways of Life
... The Northern Cheyenne, along with other Plains Indian tribes, had a number of warrior societies each of these was led by a warrior chief helped by nine ... In Wooden Leg's time, there were three Northern Cheyenne warrior societies the Elk, the Crazy Dog and the Fox ... By the rules of Cheyenne society, the currently "on duty" warrior society had sole prerogative in the task at hand ...
Cheyenne And Arapaho Indian Reservation - Northern Cheyenne
... In 1877 nearly a thousand Northern Cheyenne came or were escorted to the reservation from their home ranges in the north ... the leadership of Dull Knife and Little Wolf escaped and fled north, the Northern Cheyenne Exodus ... Most of the Northern Cheyenne remained, but by 1883 all that wanted to were permitted to return to the north where the Tongue River Indian Reservation ...

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    That we can come here today and in the presence of thousands and tens of thousands of the survivors of the gallant army of Northern Virginia and their descendants, establish such an enduring monument by their hospitable welcome and acclaim, is conclusive proof of the uniting of the sections, and a universal confession that all that was done was well done, that the battle had to be fought, that the sections had to be tried, but that in the end, the result has inured to the common benefit of all.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)