North West Company

The North West Company was a fur trading business headquartered in Montreal from 1779 to 1821. It competed with increasing success against the Hudson's Bay Company in what was to become Western Canada. With great wealth at stake, tensions between the companies increased to the point where several minor armed skirmishes broke out, and the two companies were forced to merge.

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History Of Spokane, Washington - 1810–1890 - Trading Post
... was first explored by Canadian explorer-geographer David Thompson, working as head of the North West Company's Columbia Department ... border from British Columbia, Thompson wanted to expand the North West Company further south in search of furs, primarily beaver ... Thompson wanted to expand further west ...
Clan Macgillivray - History - 18th Century & Jacobite Risings
... William McGillivray, succeeded his uncle as chief partner of the North West Company ... The next brother, Duncan McGillivray, also worked for the North West Company, making his name as an explorer in the Canadian Rockies ... firm in London, acting like a chairman of the North West Company ...
Thomas Mc Kay (fur Trader) - North West Company
... Thomas McKay joined the North West Company after the failure of the Pacific Fur Company in 1813 ... Between 1815 and 1819 Thomas was in the Red River Colony and fought on the side of the North West Company and the Métis people against the Hudson's Bay Company ... Within two years the entire North West Company was merged into the Hudson's Bay Company ...
Coppermine Expedition Of 1819–1822 - England To Fort Enterprise
... The expedition sailed from Gravesend on 23 May 1819 on a Hudson's Bay Company supply ship, after three months of planning, and immediately hit a note of farce ... the assistance which had been offered by the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company failed to materialise the companies had spent the preceding years in a state of virtual war, co-operation ... the leader of the local Yellowknives who had been recruited by the North West Company as guides and hunters for Franklin's men ...
North West Company - Organizational History
... Société" 1775 Alexander Henry the elder speaks of a pool on the North Saskatchewan similar to 1779 (see Fort Sturgeon) ... Merger with XY Company ... Co becomes McTavish, McGillivrays Co 1821 Merged with Hudson's Bay Company ...

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