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The Golden Eagle Band

"Talons of Steel"

The Golden Eagle Band of North Georgia College and State University is one of the most unique specialty units on campus. Not only is it a military organization, but it is also an academic class. The GEB is the oldest specialty unit on campus that traces it origins back with the founding of the university in 1873. It is also the oldest marching band in the state of Georgia. As such, it has a great level of history and tradition.

The Golden Eagle Band's mission is to "provide quality musicianship, discipline, and leadership through both military and musical training. We set and maintain the highest standards to represent North Georgia College & State University's Boar's Head Brigade."

Several times each semester, the Corps of Cadets has reviews and functions in which marching is involved. The Golden Eagle Band serves as "the heartbeat" of the Corps at these functions as they maintain the tempo for marches and perform the many bugle calls that are a required part of military processions. The majority of the band's performances are military processions. However, the band has recently integrated Drum Corps International techniques and shows into their regimen. The GEB goes on a tour across the Southeast every Spring semester. This makes for a more thorough and complete collegiate band experience as well as to entertain those who come to see the military reviews and processions.

Even though the GEB is one of the several military units on campus, it is in fact open to both cadets and civilian students. Participation is not limited to those with a background in music as all skills needed to perform in a military band are taught by the instructors and cadre. The GEB has two mottoes used to distinguish between new and veteran players; "Talons of Steel" for new members, and "Raise Hell" for veterans.

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