North Castle, New York - Population Growth (1800-2010)

Population Growth (1800-2010)

  • 1800 – 1,168
  • 1850 – 2,189
  • 1900 – 1,471
  • 1950 – 3,855
  • 2000 – 10,849
  • 2010 – 11,841

Population growth in North Castle reflects the pattern of rural to suburban development typical of the post-World War II years. Like many other suburban communities in Westchester County and the nation, the town experienced a surge of population growth between 1940 and 1970. The overall rate of growth was moderate between 1970 and 1990 because of national economic conditions, including the rising cost of land, construction and interest, which helped to bring about a general decline in housing construction. The median price of houses sold in North Castle in 1998 was approximately $600,000.

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