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List Of United States Political Families (G) - The Gardners and Hoeys
... Chairman of the Cleveland County, North Carolina Democratic Party 1907-1908 North Carolina Democratic Executive Committeeman 1910-1914 North ... Fay Webb Gardner, North Carolina Committeewoman 1929, North Carolina Democratic Executive Committeewoman 1930-1932, delegate to the Democratic National ... Hoey (1877-1954), North Carolina State Representative 1899-1902, North Carolina State Senator 1903-1906, U.S ...
List Of United States Political Families (H) - The Hancocks
... (1894–1969), North Carolina State Senator 1926–1928, North Carolina State Representative 1928–1930, U.S ... Representative from North Carolina 1930–1939, candidate for U.S ... Senate from North Carolina 1938, delegate to the Democratic National Convention 1940, North Carolina State Court Judge 1950 ...
List Of United States Political Families (A) - The Alstons, Kenans, and Howards
... Nathaniel Macon 1757–1837, North Carolina 1780–1782 1784–1785, U.S ... Representative from North Carolina 1791–1815, U.S ... Senator from North Carolina 1815–1828, candidate for Vice President of the United States 1824, delegate to the North Carolina Constitutional Convention 1835 ...
List Of North Carolina State University People
... The list of North Carolina State University people includes notable alumni, faculty, and chief executives of North Carolina State University ...
... USA Vice-Chair Liza Potts, Michigan State University, USA Treasurer/Secretary Kathie Gossett Iowa State University, USA Previous Chair Brad Mehlenbacher, North Carolina State University, USA Webmaster ...

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    The fantastical idea of virtue and the public good being a sufficient security to the state against the commission of crimes, which you say you have heard insisted on by some, I assure you was never mine.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    I knew that the wall was the main thing in Quebec, and had cost a great deal of money.... In fact, these are the only remarkable walls we have in North America, though we have a good deal of Virginia fence, it is true.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    I hear ... foreigners, who would boycott an employer if he hired a colored workman, complain of wrong and oppression, of low wages and long hours, clamoring for eight-hour systems ... ah, come with me, I feel like saying, I can show you workingmen’s wrong and workingmen’s toil which, could it speak, would send up a wail that might be heard from the Potomac to the Rio Grande; and should it unite and act, would shake this country from Carolina to California.
    Anna Julia Cooper (1859–1964)