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Nomen Oblitum
... A nomen oblitum (Latin for "forgotten name") is a technical term, used in zoological nomenclature, for a particular kind of disused scientific name ... In its present meaning, the nomen oblitum came into being with the fourth, 1999, edition of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. 1 January 2000, a scientific name may be formally declared to be a nomen oblitum when it has not been used as a valid name within the scientific community since 1899, and ...
Glossary Of Botanical Terms - N
... nomen conservandum (Latin) a name which although, contrary to the rules of nomenclature (usually a later synonym), must be adopted ... nomen illegitimum (Latin) see illegitimate name, a name that is superfluous at its time of publication either because the taxon to which it was applied already has a name, or because the name ... nomen invalidum (Latin) a name that is not validly published ...
List Of Prehistoric Amphibians - Naming Conventions and Terminology
... Nomen nudum (Latin for "naked name") A name that has appeared in print but has not yet been formally published by the standards of the ICZN ... If the name is later formally published, that name is no longer a nomen nudum and will be italicized on this list ... Nomen oblitum (Latin for "forgotten name") A name that has not been used in the scientific community for more than fifty years after its original proposal ...
Magic (Runelords) - Races and Groups - Nomen
... Nomen are black-coated shaggy creatures that lumber on all fours in preference to an upright gait ... Nomen will drop on unwary travelers from a forest canopy rather than attempt a direct confrontation ... Nomen can be found in the Dunwood and are said to inhabit the Hest Mountains beyond Inkarra in great numbers ...
Aktisanes - Monuments and Inscriptions
... The names of the king are not preserved, most importantly the nomen Gatisen is missing ... In this inscription the throne name and the nomen of the king are preserved, but the nomen Gatisen is difficult to read ... for a door jamb from the same place providing the full titulary of the king, but with the nomen only partly preserved ...

Famous quotes containing the word nomen:

    Al that joye is went away,
    That wele is comen to weylaway,
    To manie harde stoundes.

    Hoere paradis hy nomen here,
    And now they lien in helle ifere:
    —Unknown. Ubi Sunt Qui ante Nos Fuerunt? (L. 16–20)