Nogai Language

Nogai Language

Nogai (also Nogay or Nogai Tatar), is a Turkic language spoken in southwestern Russia. Three distinct dialects are recognized: Qara-Nogay (Black or Northern Nogay), spoken in Dagestan; Nogai Proper, in Stavropol; and Aqnogay (White or Western Nogay), by the Kuban River, its tributaries in Karachay–Cherkessia, and in the Mineralnye Vody District. Qara-Nogay and Nogai Proper are very close linguistically, while Aqnogay shows more differences.

Nogai is generally classified into the Kipchak–Nogay branch of Kipchak Turkic. This family also includes Crimean Tatar, Karakalpak in Uzbekistan, Kazakh in Kazakhstan, and Kirgiz in Kyrgyzstan.

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Nogai Language - Alphabet - Cyrillic Alphabet
... The Nogai alphabet based on Cyrillic was created in 1938 ... The last reform of the Nogai alphabet took place in 1950, when it attained the current form ...

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