Nogai Khan

Nogai Khan

Nogai (died 1299), also called Isa Nogai, was a general and de facto ruler of the Golden Horde and a great-great-grandson of Genghis Khan. His grandfather was Baul/Teval Khan, the 7th son of Jochi. His name is also spelled Nogay and Nogaj.

Pelliot wrote that Nogay meant a "dog." In fact, in the Mongolian language, "nokhoi" literally means a "dog"; however it does not necessarily mean a particularly negative and insulting name in its context, since people were called "dogs" among the Mongols at the time and sometimes presently as "nokhduud" as in "you dogs (guys/men/people)." Genghis Khan also called his capable generals "dogs of war" or "men of war." This probably came about because Mongols had a lot of dogs, and dogs were very useful for people's lives in hunting and warnings.

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... When he helped the young Tokhta to assume power, Nogai no doubt hoped to find in him a puppet to be manipulated or ignored as the case might be ... He won the first battle between Tokhta Khan and him, but he didn't want to chase Tokhta, because Nogai's grandson Agtji was murdered by Genoese in Crimea while collecting tributes from them ... Then Nogai's Tatars plundered Italian ports in Crimea that was given to him by the khan ...
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... of Novgorod, Pskov and Smolensk, Batu khan attempted to invade in 1239, but could not reach the northern part of Russia due to the marshlands surrounding city-states such as Novgorod and ... But Shishman was a vassal of Nogai Khan, de facto ruler of the Golden Horde ... Nogai Khan threatened to punish Milutin for his insolence, but changed his mind when the Serbian king sent him gifts and hostages ...
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... Shishman was a vassal of Nogai Khan, Khan of the Golden Horde and sought to expand his territories to the west, invading Serbia coming as far as Hvosno, the Bulgarians failed to capture Zdrelo (near Pe ... Milutin and Nogai Khan would soon come in to conflict because of the war with the Vidin principality ... Nogai launched a campaign against Serbia but Milutin offered peace sending his son Stefan Dečanski to Nogai's court ...
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... According to Arab chronicles, the Nogai Tatars settled in the town in late 13th century ... Between 1280-1299, the town was Nogai Khan's base of operation in his campaigns against the Bulgarian city of Tarnovo ... dervish Sarı Saltuk, who has been associated with Nogai Khan's conversion to Islam ...