Nogai Horde

Nogai Horde, Nogai Yortu was a confederation of about eighteen Turkic and Mongol tribes that occupied the Pontic-Caspian steppe from about 1500 until they were pushed west by the Kalmyks and south by the Russians in the 17th century. The Mongol tribe called the Manghits constituted a core of the Nogai Horde. In the thirteenth century leader of the Golden Horde Nogai Khan a direct descendant of Genghis Khan through Jochi, formed an army of the Manghits joined by numerous Turkic tribes. A century later the Nogai's were led by Edigu, a commander of Manghit paternal origin and Jochid maternal origin, who founded the Nogai dynasty.

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Mongol And Tatar States In Europe
... were conquered by Mongols and incorporated into their horde ... Mongol-Tatar Golden Horde forces led by Batu Khan, (a grandson of Genghis Khan), began attacking Europe in 1223, starting with Cumans, Volga Bulgaria and Kievan Rus. 1252 Horde of Nevruy devastated Pereslavl and Suzdal ...
Nogai Horde - Partial List of Beys and Mirzas
... Temir Khan Nogai (1480) at Ugra standoff, 1481 assassinated Ahmed Khan ... Ismail Khan Nogai (1555-64) (on Volga, pro-Moscow) 1551 near Astrakhan ... Fled to Kuban, founding Small Horde ...
Timeline Of 15th Century Muslim History - 1410–1419 - Nogai Horde
... 1419 Edigu is assassinated by Olugh Mokhammad, who assumes his place as Khan, re-uniting it with the Golden Horde. ...
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... and menaced Torzhok, tributaries of the Golden Horde, in c ... in 1259, 18 years after the first attack to Poland, two tumens (20,000 men) from the Golden Horde, under the leadership of Berke, attacked Poland after raiding ... This attack was commanded by the young prince Nogai Khan and general Burundai ...
Manghit - Nogai Horde
... The Nogais protected the northern borders of Astrakhan and Crimean khanates, and through organized raids to the northern steppes prevented Russian and ... Many Nogais joined the service of Crimean khan ... However, Nogais were not only good soldiers, they also had considerable agricultural skills ...

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