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Mission: Impossible (1998 Video Game) - Plot
... and steals one half of the Non-Official Cover (NOC) list, a list that gives the real and false names of all IMF agents ... missing after an attempted rescue mission, Phelps sends in Hunt to find the list, rescue Candice Parker, and discover the fate of Robert Barnes ... spite of her handicap, however, they are able to recover the NOC list and escape using the cover of a fake fire (set off by Hunt using smoke generators in the ventilation) ...
Luther Stickell - Appearances - Movies - Mission: Impossible
... mission in Prague, a "mole-hunt" for an agent who planned to steal the CIA's Non-official cover (NOC) list, a detailed file of all the IMF agents situated in Eastern Europe ... teammate Claire Phelps alive, Ethan plots to steal a copy of the list for himself as leverage to lure the person responsible for framing Hunt out of hiding ... In order to gain access to the floor with the NOC List, Luther hacks into the building's computer-controlled electrical system, triggering the fire alarm on that floor ...

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    We saw the machinery where murderers are now executed. Seven have been executed. The plan is better than the old one. It is quietly done. Only a few, at the most about thirty or forty, can witness [an execution]. It excites nobody outside of the list permitted to attend. I think the time for capital punishment has passed. I would abolish it. But while it lasts this is the best mode.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)