Noble Phantasms

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Rin Tohsaka - Main Characters
... She uses the Noble Phantasms Excalibur Sword of Promised Victory (約束された勝利の剣(エクスカリバー), Ekusukaribā?), a celestial sword constructed by ... She also has a fourth Noble Phantasm, Caliburn Golden Sword of Assured Victory (勝利すべき黄金の剣(カリバーン), Karibān?), that was broken during her lifetime but was ... he can modify a weapon to give it special properties, such as crafting Broken Phantasms, Noble Phantasms overloaded with magical energy that exponentially increases its ...
List Of Fate/stay Night Characters - Supporting Characters
... His Noble Phantasm is Gáe Bolg Spear of Impaling Barbed Death (ゲイ・ボルグ, Gei Borugu?) ... In the Heaven's Feel route, he is killed by True Assassin's Noble Phantasm, Zabaniya ... This is actually one of her Noble Phantasms, Blood Fort Andromeda Outer-Sealing Blood Temple (ブラッドフォート・アンドロメダ, Buraddof ...
Archer (Fate/stay Night) - Abilities
... The most effective use of this skill is the crafting of Broken Phantasms, Noble Phantasms overloaded with magical energy which, at the cost of being destroyed after use, exponentially increase their attack power ... to withstand the strain of mounting weapons, such as Noble Phantasms, and propel them as if they were mere arrows ... Also, by using different projected Noble Phantasms, he was able to kill Berserker six times (five in the anime version with his Master killing him a ...

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