Noah Young

Noah Young

Noah Young Jr. (2 February 1887 - 18 April 1958) was a former champion weightlifter who joined the Hal Roach studios as an actor, mainly playing comic villains. He appeared in several Laurel and Hardy comedies but was more notable as a foil for Harold Lloyd, whom he supported in over 50 films. He was born in Canyon City, Colorado, the son of Noah Young, who came from a family of coal miners in Lancashire, England and dabbled in bare knuckle fighting before heading to America in 1874 and settling in Colorado. He was allegedly once an Indian scout and became friends with William F. Cody. His mother was Mary Anson, was of English descent.a foreman of the Glenrock coal mine who later became a coal mine inspector for the State of Wyoming. Young died in Los Angeles, California.

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