Nizam of Hyderabad

Nizam Of Hyderabad

Nizam-ul-Mulk of Hyderabad popularly known as Nizam of Hyderabad, was a former monarchy of the Hyderabad State, now divided into the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra on a linguistic basis. Nizam, a shortened from Nizam-ul-Mulk, meaning Administrator of the Realm, was the title of the native sovereigns of Hyderabad State, since 1724, belonging to the Asaf Jah dynasty. The dynasty was founded by Mir Qamar-ud-Din Siddiqi, a viceroy of the Deccan under the Mughal emperors from 1713 to 1721 and he intermittently ruled under the title Asaf Jah in 1724, and after Aurangzeb's death in 1707, the Mughal Empire crumbled and the viceroy in Hyderabad, the young Asaf Jah, declared himself independent. From 1798 Hyderabad was one of the princely states of British India, but it retained control of its internal affairs.

Seven Nizams ruled Hyderabad for two centuries until Indian independence in 1947. The Asaf Jahi rulers were great patrons of literature, art, architecture, culture, jewelry collection and rich food. The Nizams ruled until 17 September 1948 when Indian military attacked the independent enclave sovereign state forcing the Nizam's surrender to Indian forces in what became known as a 'Police Action' after the Indian Army's 'Operation Polo'. The Nizam's delegation to the United Nations in New York and UK Government in London was too late to prevent the forceful annexation by India of this independent nation into Indian territory. Initially it was integrated into Indian Union, and in 1956 divided on linguistic lines and merged into neighbouring Indian states. He and his family including Salar Jung I was taught by Nawab Sarwar Ul Mulk and Agha Mirza Baig Sarwar Ul Mulk Bahadur was his political advisor and his peshi secretary

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