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The Cant of Hell

Jubei's Revenge begins a narration of the timepiece explaining the era, the war between toyotomi and tokugawa, the events that led up to the Shimabara rebellion, and a dark satanic prophecy about Shiro. Along with the narration there are Japanese paintings of these events.

The first OVA called "The Cant Of Hell" shows a small band of soldiers raiding a village outside of Harano Castle, and smashing a statue of Madonna. All the villagers hide except for a little boy who they shoot. After the soldiers leave to report the Christian rebels to the shogun, a small girl named 'Ocho' runs to the boy's body and begs him to wake up. The boy, who is Shiro, miraculously revives and shows the approaching villagers that the bullet hit a crucifix he had. Sunlight shines through the clouds onto shiro and he raises the crucifix and a long beam of light shoots from it up into the sky. The villagers bowdown and worship Shiro and declare him to be 'Tenshi', the son of jehovah and the returned messiah and their saviour. The Madonna statue reforms. An evil-looking man in the bushes watches the events as they unfold and smiles. 55 years later, an army of government soldiers attack Harano castle in a fog but are killed by an onslaught of arrows. Inside the castle, the evil-looking man, who is revealed to be 'Soy Kanmoiri', gives a speech declaring their victory against the heretics. The Christians boisterously support him and declare that as long as they have Lord Shiro they will kill the Tokugawa and make all the lands Christian. After the speech, Lord Shiro speaks privately to Soy, informing him that the food supply exhausted two days ago and they were fighting on mere willpower. He opts to use the recent advantage to surrender himself in exchange for the lives of his people, but Soy says no and that he must have faith and that if they lose faith now then all they believed in would be a lie. Shiro tells Soy they can't win the war and everyone will die. Elsewhere, General Nobutsuna Matsudaira speaks with his commanders about the recent defeat. He is told that more than 500 were killed. Nobutsuna recognizes that the Christians are using black magic. Jubei arrives and tells Nobutsuna that the army will not breech the wall and he has a plan. Jubei then swiftly leaves. 5 months earlier the shogun had sent an army of 100,000 men to defeat the Christians, whom had attacked and seized Harano castle. The shogun, outraged that his army was defeated by peasants and farmers, sent Nobutsuna Matsudaira to destroy the Christians by any means.

Nobutsuna orders all his men to attack the castle anyway. Miyamoto Musashi observes the army moving-out, from a faraway cliff. He declares that the army will not be able to penetrate and the men are being sacrificed uselessly. He then runs to join the army but sees a massive kite in the sky and comments on the ingenuity of this new approach. The extremely huge kite, tethered to someplace, floats high in the clouds above Harano castle. Jubei and four other ninjas are standing on a narrow platform on the kite. They leap from the platform through a lightningstorm and float down to the castle using capes. Using the aerial assault, Jubei and his four ninjas enter the castle and begin easily slicing the Christians in half. One ninja in particular who has a penchant for explosives detonates a wave of explosions throughout the castle. There is intense fighting with lots of blood. Nobutsuna's army uses a battering-ram to enter the castle, and the soldiers battle their enemies. Shiro gathers the women, kids, and old people into a part of the castle that the soldiers can't enter because it is protected by a seal. He promises to protect them with the power of god. However, the four ninjas know about this seal and the four barriers that are maintaining the seal. Each one destroys a barrier. Shiro is alerted to the destruction of the seal. Shiro senses Jubei and refers to him as a "mighty power that will kill us". Jubei slices a bunch of men and then comes across two kids whom he wall-runs past. The kids tell Soy, who smiles and slashes them. Jubei meets Shiro on a roof and Shiro bargains with him to spare the lives of the women and children if he commits seppuku. Shiro takes a tanto to kill himself but is stopped by Soy who shows him the decapitated heads of the two kids and tells him not to trust Jubei. Shiro goes ballistic and uses his magic to summon a lot of power into himself. He then uses the power of psychokinesis to destroy the roof and fire the tanto and shingles at Jubei. Shiro then summons a black dragon with which he attacks Jubei. Miyamoto, who has entered the castle, is easily slicing through Christian soldiers as he watches the events.

Jubei tries to slice the dragon in half but it proves useless. He then flees but the dragon catches up to him. He holds on to the snout of the dragon as it flies through buildings and into the sky. Shiro emerges from the top of the dragon's head and begins strangling Jubei. Two of the ninjas try to assist Jubei by firing harpoons at the dragon but it breaks free. The biggest and strongest of the ninjas tells those two to stay put. He and the ninja who likes explosives perform a tactical attack. The ninja who likes explosives, opens up a bazooka and fires it at the dragon but it has little effect. The tall ninja, who attacks from a different angle, extends a folding metal suit of armour over his body, originating from two small shoulder pads. The armor gives him rocket propulsion and he flies into the dragon, causing massive damage. Jubei cuts off Shiro's hands and falls to earth. The dragon's head is still alive and sneaks up behind jubei. Jubei holds up the children's heads and hesitates Shiro mid-attack. He then throws his sword at Shiro, spearing him in the chest. The impact rips Shiro from the dragon's head and flings him into a window of the main chapel. The tall ninja lands and his armour folds back up into his shoulder pads.

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