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Over the years New Scientist has published several series of books derived from its content. Most recently it has compiled seven books of selected questions and answers from the Last Word section of the magazine and the Last Word website.

  • 1998. The Last Word. ISBN 978-0-19-286199-3
  • 2000. The Last Word 2. ISBN 978-0-19-286204-4
  • 2005. Does Anything Eat Wasps? And 101 Other Questions. ISBN 978-1-86197-973-5
  • 2006. Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? And 114 Other Questions. ISBN 978-1-86197-876-9
  • 2007. How to Fossilise Your Hamster: And Other Amazing Experiments For The Armchair Scientist. ISBN 978-1-84668-044-1
  • 2008. Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?: And 101 Other Intriguing Science Questions. ISBN 978-1-84668-130-1
  • 2009. How to Make a Tornado: The Strange and Wonderful Things That Happen When Scientists Break Free. ISBN 978-1846682872
  • 2010. Why Can't Elephants Jump?: And 113 More Science Questions Answered. ISBN 978-1-84668-398-5
  • 2011. Why Are Orangutans Orange?: Science Questions In Picture - With Fascinating Answers. ISBN 978-1-84668-507-1
  • In 2012 Arc, "a new digital quarterly from the makers of New Scientist, exploring the future through the world of science fiction" and fact was launched. It is available in several ebook formats, and a very expensive "collectable print edition".
  • 2012. Will We Ever Speak Dolphin?: And 130 Other Science Questions Answered. ISBN 978-1-78125-026-6

Why Don't Penguins Feet Freeze? is largely a repackaging of selected material from the first two books, following the unexpected mass-market success of Does Anything Eat Wasps?.

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